▶ Mark Fiore: Not Equal: Gaza in Over 1000 Frames

To watch the video click on the white letters Watch on Vimeo on the blue background.

There’s a tendency in most of the Gaza reporting to treat both sides as tough, equally-matchedadversaries.  Israel must stand up to those evil, deadly Hamas terrorists before the nation is overrun, eek!  But if the measure of success in this conflict is the combatants-to-civilians body count ratio (and it is), then Hamas is winning handily.

As of today, Hamas has killed three civilians in Israel compared to the Israeli military killing 1,328 Palestinians.  (The UN estimates 74% of those Palestinians killed are civilians.)  Hamas has killed 56 Israeli soldiers and three civilians, while Israel has killed over a thousand people in Gaza and bombed multiple UN facilities and hospitals.

Sure, Hamas is made up of Islamic extremists who fire wildly inaccurate missiles at Israel, but no matter where you fall on the political spectrum or which side you support, this fight can’t be a good strategic move for the Israel.

What better way to prolong terrorism and hatred than by bombing kids playing on a beach and leveling huge chunks of one of the most densely populated cities on earth?  (A place which, incidentally, the World Health Organization has predicted will be unfit for human habitation six years from now, even before this war.)  Are they trying to make a little Mogadishu, right next door?  What better way to get Hamas recruits than by killing families and closing off access to the outside world?  It’s such a sad unnecessary tragedy, unfortunately one that is far from over.  (Be sure to check out more of the news behind the cartoon here.)

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