In retrospect, Russia-bashing was the main media event of the Sochi Olympics since the U.S. “lost” in the medal count.
The Ukraine crisis has put the Olympics in the past tense and presented an opportunity for the old Cold War team to field a new crisis. Pres. Obama is following the Clinton policy of pushing expansion of NATO into the Russian sphere of influence in Eastern Europe. However, Russia is the natural gas bank for Europe. If President Obama believes Europe will cut the pipe to its fuel supply he is “on the wrong side of history.”
Since international markets suffer with political instability and popular rebellion can be infectious, the world is waiting for a win-win way out. Looking back to the 1962 Cuban missile crisis, signs of forcing Russia into a dialogue are on the lips of professional news pundits.
The Soviet Union under Premier Khrushchev promised to remove the large missiles from Cuba (but left 100 small devices that were not detected by America). President Kennedy promised to remove missiles from Turkey and Italy targeted at the Warsaw bloc (which were obsolete anyway).
Today Russia could promise not to invade Crimea beyond its naval reserve and the U.S. could call off an economic warfare plan that the European Union would not support because of East-West financial incest. Profit seeking observes no borders. Enter German Chancellor Angela Merkel who is an acceptable middle partner to both sides bound apart by national ego.
Meanwhile the Ukrainian government is as corrupt as authoritarian Russia and the lobby-dominated U.S. While the big boys play out their duel on the world stage the climate crisis accelerates. The Neo-Cold War is a diversion.

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By Published On: March 5th, 2014Comments Off on Susu Jeffrey: Obama's Neo-Cold War

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