By Sami Rasouli  Muslim Peacemaker Team  WAMM Newsletter   November/December 2013
On September 21, 2013, local NGOs in Najaf, Iraq, led by a group of young people called the Moja Team, held an event. Youth collected hundreds of weapon-toys from local Iraqi kids in Najaf prior to the event.
The toy weapons were displayed in a main square in Najaf so that the kids could destroy them. Many children, parents and government officials attended the event. Muslim Peace Maker Teams participated, led by Sameera Al Hallawi. Omar, Ayah and other kids helped operate the huge asphalt-paving steel wheel roller to destroy all the toy weapons weapons in honor of the Global Day of Peace.

 An asphalt-paving steel roller crushes toy weapons. Omar and Ayah crush toy armaments.

Congratulations to Sami Rasouli
2013 recipient of the Vincent L. Hawkinson Honorary Award for Peace and Justice. Sami Rasouli inspired the founding of the Iraqi and American Reconciliation Project (IARP) in Minneapolis, partnering with the Muslim Peacemaker Teams in Iraq. He has initiated and provided leadership in many people-to-people peace and friendship programs between Americans and Iraqis.

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