CODEPINK activists and allies set up a camp known as the ‘Peace Insurrection’ outside of Congress…See more
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CODEPINK activists and allies set up a camp known as the ‘Peace Insurrection’ outside of Congress at the corners of Independence and New Jersey avenues, calling for no military intervention in Syria. Activists spent all day and all night for the week at Congress until the House voted on the authorization of military force in Syria, and protesters engaged in daily actions to express the overwhelming dissent felt across America.
Activists at the encampment presented a People’s Resolution as an alternative to war, visited elected representatives every day, painted, chalked and created visuals, including a dialogue booth for folks to talk about no war on Syria. Activists camped out with chairs, sleeping bags, pots and pans, art supplies, and anti-war spirit. Vigils took place every day for the innocent victims of the bloodshed in Syria, with hope for an end to it through a ceasefire, negotiations, and aid for the refugees, not military intervention.
“Our Congresspeople need to see the grassroots opposition as they return to Washington DC to cast their vote on Syria,” said CODEPINK co-founder Medea Benjamin. “There’s already an insurrection in the heartland of America, with people rising up at their Congressional offices and in town hall meetings, saying no to this war. Now we’re bringing this insurrection to the heart of Washington DC.”
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