Ashamed to be an American

By Timothy V. Gatto  Tuesday, 12 March 2013  MWCNews

flagWhat in the world is going on in the west? I’m talking about Europe and America and all the players in the Middle East and Africa. The entire scenario smells like rotten fish (more like decaying bodies). I’m tired of holding my tongue and reading the drivel and watching the charade on television. The truth is that everything you are hearing is a lie and lies of the greatest magnitude.
First of all this “War on Terror” is completely fabricated to keep the American war machine going. The bluster about this “sequester” is designed to keep pumping your tax dollars into the American war machine. We spend 711 Billion dollars on the basic defense budget. That’s $711,000,000,000.00. Could you imagine what we could do with just half that amount being put back into this nation’s infrastructure and manufacturing base, maybe a few billion for building schools and a few billion for cancer research? Forget it. The powers that be don’t want that. They want that money to go to the defense industries in their States. That’s the whole story.
This entire government is totally corrupt and deceitful. This money isn’t for “Defense”. It’s being used for military conquest and to get other nations to give us their resources. This is “Gun Barrel Diplomacy”. Obama isn’t a liberal, peace loving man; he’s a tool of the system. This is the system that they make us vote for every few years. It’s corrupt and completely fraudulent.
We destroyed Libya, we are in the process of destroying Syria, and we are waving missiles and air strikes at Iran. Everyone wonders why North Korea started building and testing nukes. Look, if I were the President or leader of a nation on the wrong side of the USA and NATO, I’d be looking at building a few too. America has no respect for the sovereignty of other nations. That’s no joke; they have proved over and over again that they do whatever they believe is necessary.
Then they tell the American public that it’s in response to “protecting our national security”.  The talking heads on TV repeat the government’s position verbatim. The very worst is CBS’s Scott Pelley. He calls Syria’s Bashir al Assad “The Dictator” every time he’s mentioned. Meanwhile reporters on his own station reporting from Syria are telling him that most of the time they don’t knows who blew something up or killed a bunch of civilians. Pelley just goes on and on about how “The Dictator” is killing his own people.
What’s so bad about that is that millions of Americans that spend most of their day working for a living get their news from the major networks.  CBS has a long history of exposing the truth about world events and has embarrassed many Administrations. Not anymore. They are now the mouthpieces for the government, no more, no less. They lie with straight faces when most of them know what they are saying is false. They should be investigated.
Who will investigate them? The FCC? They work for this corrupt lying government too. This is quite a quandary, isn’t it? We have no independent news anymore. We might as well be Russians in the 70’s reading Pravda.
Besides all of the lies they tell you in the media, most of the people in this country think we are going broke. We have the largest economy in the entire world and most Americans think we are going broke. It’s no wonder half this country is on anti-depressants. The powers that be want it this way; they want a docile, drugged-up population that believes everything they tell them.
Forget about the fact that we invaded Iraq and killed hundreds of thousands of their citizens based on a lie. The entire world turned their heads when we committed that act of aggression that was definitely against everything in the Geneva Convention. They should just scrap the Geneva Convention. When NATO obliterated Libya that was unlawful and against all International law. Meanwhile, the tool of the powers that be, President Obama, said he did it on “Humanitarian Grounds”. There was no consent from our inept Congress; he just did what he wanted to do. The cackling Hillary Clinton laughed when she heard that Gadhafi had a machete shoved up his ass.
Meanwhile the American people are catching on. I see it every day. People are starting to finally get it. Most people I talk to are happy that the “defense” (really the offense) budget was cut. I think it should be cut by 50%. We spend more on defense than all of the countries on Earth combined if you count the appropriations for different combat expeditions like Afghanistan and the Middle-East and Africa, along with the funding for the Defense Intelligence Agencies.
The US has between 700 and 800 military bases Worldwide.
The main sources of information on these military installations (e.g. C. Johnson, the NATO Watch Committee, the International Network for the Abolition of Foreign Military Bases) reveal that the US operates and/or controls between 700 and 800 military bases Worldwide.
That my friends are why our nation is pleading poverty, we are the richest nation on Earth. We spend most of our money on the military. We’ve been doing it since 1940. Nobody seems to care. Nobody says much about it. Meanwhile, it’s killing us.
I’m not a big fan of Rand Paul, but I support him when he protested the fact that the Defense Department wouldn’t rule out using drone strikes to kill Americans right here in America. That information made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. WTF? This is something people should be taking to the streets about. (Maybe they are afraid the drones will come and shoot Hellfire missiles at them). This is outlandish. Talk about total control, they are getting closer to it day by day.

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I believe that the Occupy Movement should re-emerge. This country is no longer ours. It’s being run by people that could well be sociopaths. I’m ashamed to be an American. I have my passport and I’m ready to bolt. Things are getting out of hand here in America and I feel that I should add my voice of dissent. More than anything I want to be proud to be an American again. I spent over twenty years in the Army of this country. I want to see some change. If the American people can’t rise up and correct this sad situation we find ourselves in than I don’t want to stay here. I’ll do anything to help bring about change here in America, but if it gets any worse, I’m leaving. I’ll stick around for a while, but if people don’t demand that things change, I really don’t want to be a part of this anymore.
I’ve written about this for years. I’ve done everything I possibly can do to inform people about this corrupt system we live under.  Hundreds of articles, speeches at rally’s, marching with Occupy and I seem to be getting nowhere. I really feel like I know how the Germans felt when the Nazi’s took power. I’m not exaggerating. This nation needs to wake the hell up.

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