Occupy’s Metamorphosis Includes Visions For an Occupy Future

On July 4th, over 250 of the delegates to the Occupy National Gathering spent a good part of the day discussing their visions for the future of Democracy. The process is described below.

Facilitators at Occupy National Gathering explaining how the process of Visioning will work.  Photo by rob kall

I participated in the process, sitting in the shade of a tree, avoiding a bit of sweltering heat of Franklin Plaza in view of Philly’s Ben Franklin Lightning Strike Kite statue and the Ben Franklin Bridge. Just as Franklin, for several decades, hammered out almanacs from his printing press.

 All those connections with Franklin remind me of a fragment of a 1761 Poor Richard’s Almanac I discovered in a box of travel souvenirs. Franklin’s almanacs covered the practical and the beautiful– dates, sunrises, tides,  full moons, and poetry. So does Occupy.


1761 Ben Franklin Poor Richard’s Almanac fragment (bought in  an auction for $12.)

 Occupy has a similar feel– pragmatism and poetry. The visioning work was a beautiful thing to watch and participate in. People were passionate, strong, but cooperative, walking the talk of interdependence and cooperation.

 As the final day of the Occupy National Gathering wound down, there was a good feeling all around. Much had been shared in terms of resources and strategies. The visioning would generate a lot of ideas of what the occupy people were seeking. Delegates from over 90 locales/occupy encampments had come to represent their work groups and General Assemblies. The Guitarmy was about to set off on  its 99 mile march from Philly to Wall Street, and people were heading home with hope and confidence that Occupy was turning into something even more effective and power, in spite of the nostalgic loss of the encampments.

 Below, I’ve pasted in, with permission, a report from facilitators of the visioning process. It is almost certain that detractors will mock some of the items but this is a list that hundreds of individuals participated in generating. It’s the way horizontal democracy and direct democratic processes work.

       *        *        *

 A Vision For A Democratic Future

On July 4th, 2012, attendees of the first Occupy National Gathering in Philadelphia were invited to participate in a collective visioning process which sought to answer the following questions: “What is your vision for a democratic   future? What does it look like? What does it include?” Over two hundred Occupiers from across the United States took part in the process in Philadelphia, and even more participated online.

 During the early days of our movement, many of us arrived at a simple answer to the most commonly asked question about our movement: “What is the message?” After participating in a consensus-based general assembly for just a  few weeks, many of us in Philly came to the conclusion that our process itself was our message. Since we seek a world where all voices are heard, all ideas  are considered, and all opinions matter, our movement’s direct democratic model  is more than just a decision-making process: it is a model. “Our process is our  message,” became one of our primary guiding philosophies, and it deeply influenced the development of both the National Gathering and its visioning   process.

 The following document is not a list of demands, or a political platform, or a  manifesto. It is merely the first step toward developing a collective vision. It is our sincere hope that the on looking world will reflect on this document and look with  new eyes for the purpose of our movement. For those who continue to wonder at our message and goals, this list provides some guidance. It helps to explain what  motivates us, and why we continue to risk our freedom, our health, and our  personal security in order to assert our rights and work every day toward a better  future.

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It is not intended to represent the entire Occupy movement, but it is  reflective of a moment in time when people from across the movement gathered  together to take stock of where we are, where we’ve been, and where we’re  going. The list is far from complete, but it was created through a participatory,  democratic process in which every voice was heard and every idea recorded.

Finally, it is important to remember that participants were asked about  “vision,” not strategy or tactics. A vision points to the “what,” not the “how.” It is the destination, not the path. In this movement – like many others through history  – we often declare: “another world is possible.” In the document below, we begin  to provide our answers to the obvious follow-up question, “but what will this new  world look like?”

 -The National Gathering Working Group 2

Our Vision  As determined by those who participated  In the National Gathering Visioning Process  On July 4 th , 2012

 203    clean water, air, and food

186 free education for all

158 no war

116    sustainable human society

110 a culture of direct democracy

108 free universal healthcare

106 local food production, community gardens, & permaculture agriculture

104 economic equality

95    localized economies

93 a world where basic needs are met

92    military-industrial complex destroyed; military spending slashed

85    economic system based not on profits, but mutual aid and meeting all  human needs

85    housing for all

82 workplace democracy and worker-owned co-ops

79    freedom to live anywhere: no borders, no nations

77    a collective, horizontal, non-hierarchical society

73    corporate power and influence rejected

72 all cultures respected equally

68 decentralized and de-corporatized media and information, with a free and  unregulated internet

67    people feel empowered, free, and unafraid

66 restorative justice and rehabilitation, not incarceration

61 no money in politics

61 a strong sense of community

61    no more prison-industrial complex

60    safety for everyone from domestic violence and fear

58    free common public spaces

55 decentralization

54 anti-capitalism

53    all human life valued equally

53 open source technology and skill sharing

52 healthcare emphasizes preventative and alternative measures

50  absolute transparency in government policy making

49    a living wage

48 no corporate personhood

46 100% organic food & agriculture3

44    transparency

42 all decisions considered for seven generations in the future

39 peace, nonviolence, no war/death machines; no military; no need for violent  conflict or guns

37    drugs decriminalized

37 more humanity, compassion, kindness, selflessness

36 critical thinking in education

36 guaranteed work programs

36 recognition of indigenous peoples’ rights

33    free healthcare (accessible and state of the art)

33 no GMOs

33    no more debt

32 transparency in collective decision making

32 a culture of listening

31 symbiotic/harmonious relationship with all and everything; delusion of duality  (not seeing ourselves and others as separate); mutually beneficial relationship  between humans, the earth, and its inhabitants; acting with consideration for the

community, world, and everything else

30    end nuclear power and weapons

30    end the fed

30 fairness and equality for all beings (including ecosystems, resources)

30    no gender roles; smash gender binary

30 end two party system

29 local community control

28 access to real nourishing, non-chemical, non-GMO food; food supply that is  humane and natural

28    personal freedom/self-determination

26  banks and corporations required to act responsibly, answering to many, not  few

26    free public transportation

26 sustainability for seven generations

25 environmental justice

25 freedom of movement (borders and public transport)

25 live in love rather than fear

23 respect animals (especially food animals)

22 inherent value of creative expression

22 self-actualization and awareness

22    consensus-based democracy

21    housing , education, healthcare, affordable and accessible to all

21 just and fair legal system

20 freedom4

20    system that enables critique

20 environmental awareness and respect

20 sustainability on the personal, communal and environmental levels

20    intelligent management of resources

19 equal civil rights

19 freedom of knowledge and press

19    international corporate accountability

19 proportional representation by registering to vote

19 radicalized labor unions

19    LGBTQ equality

19    a cap on max income & salaries

18 containing greenhouse gases to tolerable level

18 deregulate the airwaves

18 mandatory community service for public officials

18 nature can thrive on its own terms

18    no subsidies for large corporations

18 no usury/interest rate limits

18 non-privatized water and other vital natural resources

18    one person one vote

18 strict separation of church and state

18 the strong protect the weak

18 truth in journalism/illegal to lie

18    whistleblowers protected

18 public financed elections

17 access to help for all who need it

17    educate children about real history (people’s history of the u.s. – howard  zinn)

17    no more drug war

17 fair trade and fair working conditions

17    free global internet access

17 fund arts

17 health food

17 no global us vs them

17 non-privatization of resources

17    racial equality

17 resource based economy

16 do away with all large corporations

16 empathy

16 food and energy are communal commodities and not paper-traded

16    freedom of religion

16 minorities have power and voice (rule by diversity)5

16    more free and open libraries

16    right to internet technology

16    legalize marijuana

15    promote health (mental, physical and spiritual

15    bike lanes everywhere & bicycle highways

15 codetermination (employees on board of directors)

15 conversations

15    free and open participatory government

15 inclusive philosophies, race, sex orientation etc

15    local empowerment to participate and affect issues relevant to them

15 no tax without representation

15  police force as helping not militant or enforcement

15 recycling

14 localized education curriculum

14 unbiased and independent media

14 no private property; publicly owned non-profit system; no debt

13    all airwaves public

13 free communal daycare

13 nationality not nationalism

13 no cultural manipulation

13 no interest rates

13 responsibility, individuals provide for themselves

12    abolish advertisements

12 end all non-sustainable energy practices

12    end corporate existence

12    freedom of expression protected

12 new constitution of rights

12 nonviolence

12 smash patriarchy and all its apparatuses

12    solar panels on every roof

11 climate stabilization

11 government adheres to constitution and bill of rights

11    more open spaces

11 more trees and greenery in cities

11 technology helps all people (not just the 1%); profits from technology going

to people

10    abolition of private prisons

10 an economic system not based on debt

10 an economy that takes into consideration motives other than profit (i.e.,

health, environment)

10    an education system that trains people to work in groups, rather than 6

standardized testing and industrial society

10    communities having control over/having a say in decisions that effect their  lives

10    cultivate creativity

10    decisive proposals

10 de-commodify the arts and their products

10    doing art, life-giving activities that sustain the community

10    being able to hold a two-year old child and know it will grow up safe

10    end mandatory sentencing

10 end the ability to profit or benefit from inflicting suffering on some one

10    end to intellectual property, such that there is free and open sharing of


10    end to philosophy of scarcity (dog-eat-dog world)

10    end to the earth-moon boundary as limit of human scope; redirect resources

from wars to terra-forming mars

10    fairness and justice

10 free energy

10 friendship, rather than strangership, as the default relationship among  people

10    full control of our own bodies, including shared ownership of the means of  preventative health care

10    global responsibility

10 less dependence on technology; re-prioritizing our relationship to  technology, using it to improve our world bringing people together, create  sustainability, not industry

10    less militant border

10 more connections among Occupy and other social justice organizations

10    no bosses

10 no cops

10 organization

10 people more connected to the things they use (food, housing, clothing)

10 prioritizing mutual aid and collaboration, with the focus on needs and  abilities, not power and privilege

10    recall vote

10 recognition of global debt as odious debt, which has nothing to do with the  actions of people who owe it

10    return congress pay and benefits

10 return to the rule of law as opposed to a two-tiered law system

10    self-regulating communities, shanti sena method

10    short term charters for corporations

10 small communities of people7

10    transparency and accountability as a norm for private and public sector

10 U.S. would not be bombing, taking oil and resources from the Middle East,

Asia and Africa

10    willingness to destroy ego, be honest and merciful

10 world where labor is minimized due to technology

10 less carbon in atmosphere so we’re not spiraling to environmental

apocalypse (e.e., by creating a giant super-tree)

9    a fair electoral system

9 abolish bail-out concept

9    accountable government

9 animals fed natural diets

9 ban hoarders

9 clean sustainable energy

9 common understanding of how we use our resources for betterment of


9    communities based on local water shed

9 correct labeling of food ingredients

9 democratic process that works for all

9    diversity in voting procedures

9 drastically reduce military and police complex

9    earth rights

9 economy based on solidarity not exploitation

9 educate population for political participation

9 end corporate rule

9 end imperialism

9 enforce banking system regulations

9 environmental justice

9 equal opportunities for advancement of women

9    equal pay for women

9 equality in the workplace

9 equality for women worldwide

9 equitable distribution of wealth

9 fair pay for child care

9 farmers’ rights

9 flexible and adaptive political systems

9    focus on increasing public gatherings

9 free and open communications

9    free public forums for all forms of debate on all issues

9 free therapy and emotional and mental healthcare

9 free, equal access to opportunity

9 from each according to his/her assets to each according to his/her needs

9    full & equal participation in democracy everywhere

9 governance from the bottom up

9 harmony

9 healthier diets and lifestyles

9 homes made from recycled materials

9 human dignity

9    humanities back in the classroom

9    immigrant rights

9 increased sense of community in large cities

9 journalism

9 legal system that supports the poor

9 legalization of hemp

9 less consumption

9 less disparity between CEO and worker wages

9    less disposable material

9 less focus on materialism

9 less waste

9 limit large scale capitalism

9 limit presidential power

9 love all body types

9 maternity/paternity leave

9 meaningful work

9 mental health care

9 money is not speech

9 more funding for science and medicine

9 more public restrooms

9 mutual respect between cultures or trading nations

9 new reliable energy

9 newspapers

9 no ablism

9 no clean water used for waste

9 no corporate tax dodging

9    no for-profit banking

9    no god, well-being instead

9    no gun violence

9 no human trafficking

9 no imperialism

9 no mind control (education not programming)

9 no police surveillance

9 no privatization of public utilities

9    no sexual objectification9

9    no sub-standard housing (quality housing)

9    no violent sexual crimes

9 no war for resources

9 no war profiteering

9 non-oppression

9    parks

9 participatory democracy

9 people vote to enter war

9   people’s council

9    personal growth supported

9 personal responsibility

9 pleasure

9 police accountability

9 police for and by the people

9 progression based on mastery

9 prohibit corporate control of the nations

9 public involvement for curriculum development

9    public work and politicians should be accountable to public interest

9 real education, free and equal, democratized

9    real wealth, no financialized economy

9 redirect defense funding to social sciences

9 renegotiate leans rather than foreclosure

9    re-prioritize government budgets for human needs

9    reproductive choice and support

9 respect each other and the natural world

9 respect for differences

9 reuse

9 rights to trans community

9 safe technology (no toxins in laptops, etc.)

9    secretless society

9 self-respect; self-esteem

9    solidarity

9 stop use of poisonous pesticides and preservatives

9 talking circles

9 things are more affordable for regular people

9 true national security for people, not corporations

9    universal access to courts

9 universal culture

9 universities help and embrace those with less opportunities

8 a society where wealth no longer determines the degree to which one has

influence on the people’s collective decision making process

8    abolish all structural oppressions: racism, classism, sexism, ablism, ageism,


8    abolish third world debt

8 accepting a tribal way of living

8 access to higher education, trades, etc.

8 accountability

8    adequate public sanitation

8 adequate public transportation

8 affordable, healthy food

8 all law decisions involve all stakeholders

8 allow alternatives to dollars as well as dollars

8 broad based coalition picketing

8 cap on politician’s income

8    children given fair shot from start of life

8 classless/no class structure empowering work and similar standards of living

8 clean water as a right

8 close Guantanamo

8 collaboration over competition

8 collaborative politics

8    community contribution and inclusion

8 community gardens

8 compulsory public service for police

8 conscious awareness

8 criminalize financial fraud

8 decentralized journalism

8 decriminalization of victimless crimes

8 defense only military/police

8    demilitarized police force

8 disability rights and access

8 discouraging car culture especially in cities: offering free bikes, more public


8    disempowerment of moneyed interest

8 dissolution of duality

8    eco-friendly

8    efficiency

8 eliminate child abuse

8 end domestic spying

8 end hunger

8 end sexual repression

8 energy efficient transportation (public)

8 equal opportunity employment11

8    establish federal department of peace

8 feminism-geared child rearing, work and gender roles

8    food freedom

8 free political prisoners

8 free quality education, housing, food, healthcare (including abortion)

8 free time to think and be aware

8 freedom from authoritarianism

8 freedom of speech

8    freedom to create

8 general assumption of good will

8 gratitude network

8 honesty

8 improv taught in schools

8 intergenerational collaboration

8 interracial couples would not be unusual

8 leveraging technology

8 library in every town/city

8 livable minimum wage

8 living wage and shorter work week/flexible vacations

8 making voting more inclusive

8 mediation to resolve disputes

8 mega libraries

8 money out of collective decision making

8 more art

8    more sharing

8 more trees and open common spaces

8 musical sidewalks

8 mutual aid societies

8 no career politicians

8 no form of slavery

8 no fossil fuels

8 no more mortgage fraud

8 no NDAA

8    no personal property tax

8   no sprawl

8    non-punitive justice system

8    nonviolent interpersonal and international conflict resolution

8 open accounting of corporate crime

8 open source government

8 organic resources

8 passion as earning a living12

8    plant lots of trees

8    popular, democratic, cooperative, economic system and system of currency

8 prevent accumulation of great wealth

8 prioritize human and mother earth needs

8 prioritizing people over profit

8 proper funding in technology in research and development

8    redesign not reconstruct

8 reducing energy dependence; increasing efficiency

8 reform federal reserve so it is controlled by US citizens

8    reforming prisons and focusing on rehabilitation

8 rehab for veterans

8 religious tolerance

8    renewable energy sources

8 restoration of our right to publicly assemble

8 restore local manufacturing on sustainable practices

8 right to air grievances

8 right to die with dignity

8 self-determination for all nations

8    sexual violence eliminated

8    small local businesses and government

8 stop unnecessary mass death and suffering with research

8 student debt relief

8 subsidize “green” living

8 sunset clause in all laws

8 teach values and establish rituals for this vision (that we’re creating)

8    teaching logic and scientific method

8 techorganic-symbiosis between human and technological systems

8    treating drugs as a public health issue not criminal

8 trust in your neighbors

8 un-dam the rivers

8    universal access to data

8 universal communication skills

8 use of alternative energy

8 utilize abandoned housing for a system of affordable housing

8 wilderness

7 51% worker ownership of all companies

7 ability to learn from past failures

7    abolish religious privilege

7 benevolent use of technology to better the world

7 common language

7 community bottom-up policing13

7    connection to earth

7 connection to the concept of global interdependence and “beloved”


7    cooperation not competition

7 copyright/patent reform

7 craftsmanship

7 curved buildings

7 d.i.y.

7 discouraging norms, consumer culture, encouraging diversity

7 effective ways to communicate with representatives

7 eliminate coercive power eliminate capitalism

7    elimination of bureaucratic structures in legacy organizations

7 embracing diversity

7 end of rape culture and start of consent culture

7 end pentagon taxation

7 end private central banks

7 end sexism

7 end worker exploitation

7    ethics and standards in media

7 ethics instead of profits

7 everyone dances

7 experiential learning and education

7 free love

7 free museums

7 government consultation with public and major policy issues

7 grow our own food

7    handing down vision to future generations

7 higher emphasis on the importance of communication

7 higher focus on education

7 honest leaders

7 income tax of gross revenue, not net

7 individual control of tax allocation

7 learning together everyone everywhere

7 less multinational businesses

7 less poverty; less crime

7 local control and self-sufficiency

7    more equitable relationships between landlords and tenants

7 more fruitful, easier lives

7 more nourishing childhoods

7    more public participation in foreign policy

7 more sex14

7    much better trained peace officers

7 national citizens initiative for democracy

7    no animal cruelty

7 no bail-outs for corporations

7    no coercion

7 no fossil fuel subsidies

7    no guns

7 no ownership of ideas

7 no physical incarceration/ advocacy based programming

7 no pollution

7 open communication

7 open universities

7 playful society

7 politicians who are in touch with the people

7 practical education

7 public vegan education/ diet education

7 real freedom of speech

7 recycling

7 remove forced religious education

7 renaissance of amateurs

7 rethink supreme court

7 rights for the earth; people can sue on behalf

7    scientific sexual education

7 sexual expression without shame

7 stewardship for nature

7 sustainability small communities using renewable resources

7 sustainable resource management

7 to live in a world that is communal, sustainable, and equal

7    transparent money system

7 universal declaration of human rights

7 value knowledge

7 world morals and ethics

7 World should be better for all, not just Americans

7 World where we don’t have to sacrifice freedom for security

6 abolition of eco-capitalism (carbon tax)

6    accountability for crimes against humanity

6 accountability without police

6 anti-corruption measures/laws

6    attentiveness

6 bicycles for everyone

6 community of caring15

6    connection to each other

6    consumption taxation on 1st time sold

6 corporate and industry transparency and full disclosure (e.g., product


6    create proportional representative system

6 democratic control of the internet

6 domestic work/home work valued in the economy

6    easily recallable representatives

6 efficient electric distribution with diverse production facilities

6 eliminate slums

6 end gentrification

6 eventual anarchy

6 fda more effective no conflict of interest

6 flexible systems that evolve and end if no longer needed

6    free open swimming pools

6 from each according to our abilities; to each according to our needs

6 good ecology

6 government not in small business and farms

6 government service available 24/7/365

6    gradual taxing

6 health care policy created by doctors

6 housing debt relief

6 increasing people’s memory capacity

6 intellectual curiosity

6 international basic human rights law

6 legalize and control drugs

6 love in all work and relationships

6    more community events and interactions

6 more even allocation of resources

6 no censorship

6 no electoral college

6 no fracking

6 non-toxic consumer products

6    non-Zionist

6    openness to all political ideas (especially strange ones)

6    pay a parent to raise a child

6 people make choice to go to war

6 proportional income healthcare

6 protect independent press

6 quantum computers

6 reduce the power of federal government16

6    representatives seek consensus of constituents

6    respect homework; childcare is real work

6 self-sufficiency

6    self-sufficient living: live off the land in communal groups

6    space exploration

6 stewardship = ownership

6 strong family values; know your roots

6    vocational counseling

6    world peace

6 no private property

5 abolish private property

5 change penal system

5 clean, fair elections (including paper ballots)

5 cross-continental student movement (Mexico, Canada, US, and beyond)

5    cultivate people’s true nature

5 diversity of tactics

5 don’t recreate the problem; if we tear down the system, we must create

something new

5    egalitarian society with no one government

5 encouraging creativity/ controlling our own productivity

5    end to empire

5 equality in campaign funding

5 equitable distribution of land

5 every voice heard

5 feminist future

5 four couples agree to live together, have one child each, raise all four as their


5    gardens in every yard

5 GMO labeling

5    healthy people and planet

5 interdependence (locally and globally)

5 living off the earth

5 living outdoors as a right

5 local community provided healthcare

5 marriage equality

5 medical system that work (socialized Canadian style healthcare)

5    more academic diversity in government

5 no army

5 no curfews

5 no limits to behavior unless it harms others

5 no lobbyist influence over politics17

5    no paid licensure

5 no permits

5 non-stigmatization

5   off-grid energy

5    open and transparent monetary policy

5 patriotism

5 reclaim the commons

5   reparations/compensation for Native Americans

5    replace standing army with citizen militia

5 representatives accountable to the people

5 representatives from a wide variety of classes/races/genders

5    revival of artisanship

5 safe and private internet

5 simplicity

5 synthesis of ideas and experiences

5 technologically facilitated global democracy

5 underground homes

5 universal defense from democracy

5    vegetarian diets

5    wet noodle army

4 500 independents in congress

4 adaptability

4 alignment

4 community land trusts

4 deflate the illusion of wealth

4 eliminate income tax

4 end money production for use

4    everyone required to vote

4 functioning safety net

4 imprisonment for violent crimes

4 more nonprofit credit unions/ state run banks

4 nonviolent communication

4 political economy of food (how food and economics are related)

4 politicians need to live and experience what they put into law

4 preferential voting

4 priority on public services

4 science council

4 shift from suburban to urban living

4 tax-payer money used only in consultation with tax payers

4    waste taxation

3    abolish supreme court and its judicial dictatorship18

3    all workers unionized

3 anti-consumerism

3    democratic education

3 disintegration of statutory laws

3 elect a committee to select 15-20 qualified candidates for a general election

3    end unequal distribution of wealth

3 equal pay for a day’s work

3 equal taxation-flat % mine profit more tax

3    everyone participates, listens to kids

3 exposure to natural spaces

3 fluid ownership

3 legalize and tax all drugs

3    more conservation (world heritage sites)

3 no viable profitable factories should ever be shut down or moved just for

corporate profit

3    no zoos

3    non-exchange economy

3    open borders

3 people valued for talent, not earning capacity

3 proportional representation

3 randomized representation

3 single payer healthcare

3 socialism

3 the only taboos are greed and hurt

3 transfer of power from white males to women of color

3 we vs me mentality

3 world without television

2    a world without streets

2 abundance

2 competitive testing for supreme court openings

2 end technology

2 enforced taxation for all

2 evolution

2 getting off the top of the food chain

2 land value tax

2 large institutions that help those who fall through the cracks

2    no gods

2 no more industrial agriculture

2 no watchdogs; everyone understand their part

2 redefine normalcy in pop culture

2 solidarity economy19

2    use technology sooner

2 value and merit in education and government

1    benefits of politicians end at end of term

1 compassionate society

1 Confucianism

1 cosmopolitanism

1 economic/social/political structures varied to purpose

1 global tax policy

1 less personal conflicts

1 local currencies

1    monetary less system

1 more monuments to peace

1 no corrupt money in politics

1 paint the roses red

1 population limited based on science

1 progressive tax

1 revitalize or rebuild buildings

1 rewarded for hard work

1   ruled by wise

1    the federation

1 universal robotic operating systems      20


This list was created through a collective visioning process developed by

members of the National Gathering Working Group and its facilitation/visioning

subgroup. It’s purpose was to record visions from every participant in an

environment where every participant felt comfortable sharing.

Since it is nearly impossible to have a productive conversation between

200 people, this process began with small groups of just three individuals. Each

person was urged to share their vision for a better future, and a single scribe

collected the text. Then each group of three people joined with two other such

groups to form a circle of 9. The scribes from each group then merged the three

lists into one, and each person in the circle of 9 was given the chance to raise

their hand in support of each vision. In the next round, five groups of 9 came

together to form a large group of 45, and the scribes from each smaller group

worked together to merge their lists. Finally, each of these lists were merged

together (by scribes and facilitators), with the most frequently repeated visions

rising to the top. The numbers beside each vision represent the number of

individuals who supported each idea as part of their vision for a better future.

This list is only a beginning. Consider it a survey. It reflects the attitudes

and beliefs of those who participated, but it is nevertheless incomplete and

unscientific. It may be used as the basis for future visioning, perhaps on a

movement-wide scale, or it could be set aside as an historical document. It’s

value will be determined by the movement.

Lastly, this list only records the results of the in-person visioning process

that took place in Philadelphia. The related online component is available at

http://www.openassembly.org/p/natgatresults, and the document produced in

Philadelphia by Occupy Cafe’s visioning process is available at  click here

The National Gathering Working Group will be discussing any possible  next-steps for this document on our regularly scheduled Tuesday night   conference calls through InterOccupy. Register for next week’s call at InterOccupy.net

By Published On: July 13th, 2012Comments Off on Rob Kall> Occupy’s Metamorphosis Includes Visions For an Occupy Future

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