For $600 million, we get to keep 130 Vikings jobs in MN!


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Minnesota is being blackmailed by Vikings owner, billionaire Zygi Wilf. He claims he’ll move his losing team to Los Angeles if Minnesotans don’t cough up $600 or $700 million to build him a new stadium. While Minnesota is cutting money for education, healthcare, housing, the elderly and disabled, it is insane to spend hundreds of millions on a stadium the Vikings will play in 10 days a year! Get involved with WAMM – Women Against Military Madness – to work against all kinds of madness!

And here is more information from Will Shapira, sent to WAMMToday by WAMM member Patty Guerrero:

House Vikings stadium vote Monday May 7

Contact your House member ASAP

 I realize many of you don’t care about football but I think most of you who purport to be for peace and justice would consider it an injustice of the highest magnitude of we let Vikings owner and billionaire Zygi Wilf extort our elected House and possibly Senate members for hundreds of millions of our taxpayer dollars for a new stadium which he can and should pay for himself since he is the only who will profit from it.

Even Forbes [magazine] took up this issue in its latest edition; check it out via You won’t see it reprinted in the stadium-mad Star Tribune, that’s for sure, nor in any other Minnesota newspaper, sad to say.

The only way to stop this social debacle is to contact your House member ASAP and tell her-him you are against any Vikings stadium bill that calls for public funding, whether it’s a stand-alone bill or tied to a tax bill or another measure.

We need to spend our tax dollars judiciously and in my view, where they are needed most—to assist the jobless, homeless, hungry, on education, health care, infrasturcture, environment and the entire litany of true social causes.

You also can write letters to the editor opposing the stadium though these now will run after the House vote but will be useful should the House pass a bill which then goes to the Senate.

And don’t forget to give special attention to our sellout governor who clearly is trying to finance his re-election campaign in 2014 with major backing from Big Labor in return for stadium construction jobs.

So, this issue is about a lot more than football.

Don’t punt—act now.

Drop-kick Zygi through the goalposts of life.

And share this with your friends and associates.

Will Shapira

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