The Myths of Voter ID

Here is a small cut from just one section of  a very sophisticated website encouraging voters to vote Yes for Voter ID. They go on to list the supposed myths about Voter ID.  

Meanwhile in other states like Wisconsin and Illinois, a similar battle wages over Voter ID.  For information nationwide on the status of Voter ID laws, click here.

From the website

Counter Opponent Propaganda

There is an astonishing amount of misinformation being spread by opponents of the Minnesota Voter ID Amendment.

Mostly, the false statements are nothing more than talking points developed by national organizations who don’t even understand Minnesota’s unique voting laws, or the constitutional amendment that’s been designed to strengthen them. They’re simply the same talking points these groups have used in every other state where there’s been a debate on Voter ID.

To help dispel some of the most common myths, we’ve developed a helpful reference debunking the usual false claims made by Voter ID opponents.

Note the use of their language:  “propaganda” (associated traditionally with the left/communists although the term has wider use, the association lingers), “misinformation,” (what they are giving us here), as if it were all a misunderstanding and “we are here to set the record straight.”  

The right to vote is a constitutional right in this country.  They are trying to prevent thousands in Minnesota (and many many more nationwide) from exercising that right.  The law will particularly effect the elderly, the poor, and people of color, those who who often do not have plentiful resources.  

Here’s another of their images:

Note their use of ACORN, an organization that helped many people, especially people of color, but because it was so politically active, and was effective, was brought down.

They have photos of places of places people supposedly listed as fake addresses when they voted, including a foreclosed home.  They do not document or give any sources for this information.

They have links to for example, a Crow Wing County case where mentally disabled people under guardianship were allowed to vote.  Most people are not likely to read the full results of the case, where no criminal indictments  were issued, and where confusing Minnesota State laws and statutes and the voting rights outlined in the state constitution around these issues were discussed.

They also talk about felons voting.  It is true that according to law felons are ineligible to vote in Minnesota.  However, they do not note that many think this law is unfair and are working to change it, and may have voted as an act of civil disobedience to make a point.

They never seem to mention that Minnesota has a very high voter turnout, one of the highest in the country, and very little record of voter fraud.  They really couldn’t dig much up, and clearly nothing major was discovered.

Yet they want to deny thousands in Minnesota the right to vote.

Here is an image from the Minnesota Majority website via Take Action MN.   Sign the Petition on Take Action MN.

And sign up at to   Both groups have Facebook pages.

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)—where bills like this originate and are templated around the country to be introduced into legislatures by right-wing politicians—has been in the news lately, with success in getting many major funders to withdraw their support.

There are many laws in support of specific corporations that ALEC has developed and gotten passed into law.  But the major pernicious laws they promote are Voter ID, Right to Vote, the Marriage Amendment, and the Stand Your Ground law that outraged the whole country when George Zimmerman, who shot Trayvon Martin, was not arrested and detained immediately because of this law.  Vote NO on all these laws in your state if theyare a referendum.  If still in the legislature, call your state representatives and tell them why you think they should vote NO.

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