Progressive Media Outlets Pledge Coverage of May Day Protests

by Beth Buczynski     April 28, 2012

May Day, otherwise known as International and Immigrant Workers’ Day, marks the first major resurgence of the Occupy Wall Street movement since massive arrests and police brutality drove most occupations indoors over the winter.

Although OWS has been in full effect since September, 2011, mainstream media outlets have consistently refused to cover its actions, or intentionally distorted coverage by focusing only on participants who thwart the movement’s mandate against violence and vandalism. That’s why more than 25 independent media outlets belonging to The Media Consortium are collaborating to provide coordinated, national coverage of the nationwide May Day strike and other related events.

To assist the movement in spreading its message of social and economic equality on this historic day, Media for the 99 Percent will leverage their existing platforms and reporters to provide coordinated national multimedia coverage, featuring:

An interactive Map: Find out where actions are happening across the country and follow the independent media’s by-the-minute coverage with links to video, audio, photos, and blog reports.

Television and Live Stream Broadcast:  Free Speech TV will broadcast live (and live streamed) news coverage throughout the day, featuring reports from around the U.S., as well as in-studio commentary.

Curated Social Media Coverage: Using the Storify platform, Media for the 99 Percent will offer a curated narrative of breaking news via blog updates, along with photos and social media posts from reporters on the ground.

All three content tools are available for embedding by other news outlets and the public.

As a member of The Media Consortium, Care2 Causes is proud to support the efforts of Media for the 99 Percent by continuing to bring you accurate, passionate accounts of occupations across the U.S. and around the world.

Do you trust corporate media tell the story of the May Day actions? Do you trust corporate media to explain the messages of income inequality, workers’ rights, immigrant rights, and more behind these actions? If not, we encourage you to do whatever you can to support the efforts of Media For The 99 Percent.

Read, watch, and share the stories published by members of Media for the 99 Percent on your social media profiles. You can also help by making a financial donation so the coalition can pay its freelancers for their hard work during this event.

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