Freedom Plaza Raided 25% of Tents Removed> Police Aggressively Enforce No Camping Rules

By Kevin Zeese   05 February 2012     October2011.0rg

McPherson Sq. Raid Results in Most Tents Being Removed in Aggressive Police Action

Update Night of 2/5/12:  The Park Police raided Freedom Plaza the day after raiding McPherson Sq.  Approximately 20% of the tents were removed for violating the rules against camping or for having bio-waste materials inside (urine or other bodily fluids).  The police also took the propane so they are now unable to cook in their kitchen.  And, the police are aggressively enforcing the no camping rules in actions that seem like harassment and to make staying at the Plaza very uncomfortable.  Reports are that people staying at Freedom Plaza have no intention of leaving.  They need food and financial support.  You can make a donation at

Update Morning 2/5/12: The Park Police may be readying Freedom Plaza for eviction today.  They have closed down the road next to the Plaza and more police vehicles are parking alongside the Plaza. They have handed out notices explaining the park rules, more enforcement of rules against camping and describing how they will be putting up a security perimeter and anyone who violates the perimeter will be subject to arrest. They warn, this is the last chance to come into compliance.

Freedom Plaza seems to be doing a good job of walking the fine line between legal 24-hour vigils with tents and illegal camping.  They are making it harder for the police to enforce their rules which violate the very clear statement of the Constitution – Congress shall make no law abridging Freedom of Speech or the Right to Assemble to redress grievances.

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via Freedom Plaza Raided 25% of Tents Removed; Police Aggressively Enforce No Camping Rules | Occupy Washington, DC.

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By Published On: February 6th, 2012Comments Off on Freedom Plaza Raided 25% of Tents Removed> Police Aggressively Enforce No Camping Rules | Occupy Washington, DC

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