Caucus Resolution to End Threats of War, Sanctions, Interventions Against Iran

Please feel free to present at your caucus!


 WHEREAS the U.S. Government recently has increased its threats against the Islamic Republic of Iran and has publicly stated that it may use all means possible, up to and including military attack, to stop nuclear development within Iran; and

 WHEREAS the U.S. government has threatened harsh economic sanctions and embargo against Iranian oil exports, banking and trade in efforts to disrupt civilian life in Iran; and

 WHEREAS, the severity of the ongoing economic crisis in the U.S. requires re-examination of national spending priorities, including maintenance of a military budget that could be cut by 80% and still remain the world’s largest; and

 WHEREAS the government of Iran invited (1/30/2012) expansion of ongoing inspections by the United Nations nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency; and

 WHEREAS, the U.S. military has deployed spy drones over Iran and has committed to joint military exercises with Israel in the spring, both of which are perceived as antagonistic postures in the Middle East;

 THEREFORE, the ___________ Party calls upon the U.S. Government to stop all movement toward war, stop threats of economic sanctions, and stop internal interference in Iran.

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