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Our nation’s commitment to torture under the Bush Administration has not just become a national embarassment – it’s become an international problem. A French Judge announced Tuesday that he wants to visit Gitmo – and personally investigate allegations of torture and rape made by three former French inmates who served time in the facility.

He’s officialy sent a request to U.S. authorites on the matter. The three men making the allegations were arrested back in 2001 along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border – then sent to Gitmo where they were tortured for years before being sent back to France to face trial and eventually be released. And earlier this week – a Spanish judge reopened an investigation into Bush Administration war crimes – including torture. And British officials now are investigating a CIA rendition program that may have involved torturing Libyans. So it looks like a decade of war crimes is finally catching up with us.

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By Published On: January 22nd, 2012Comments Off on Video> Thom Hartmann> The French judge has a torture confession from Gitmo

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