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The highly controversial National Defense Authorization Act is still awaiting the President’s signature. The act contains an indefinite detention provision – giving the President of the United States the power to use the military to indefinitely detain you without trial if is says that you’re a suspected terrorist.

There’ve been protests across the country in response to the Act – including a dozen patriots with Occupy DC being arrested in front of the White House last week. But the Department of Justice announced on Wednesday that the President will indeed sign the National Defense Authorization Act into law – although he will also be issuing a signing statement regarding the indefinite detention provision specifically.

So what might change in America once this act becomes law? And even though President Obama may try to limit his own new powers regarding indefinite detention with a signing statement – what about the next President? For more on this – Thom Hartmann joined by Scott Horton – a attorney, lecturer at the Columbia Law School, and contributing editor with Harper’s Magazine.

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