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Editor’s note:  The bill has been passed by both House and Senate and Obama is signing.  We have lost our rights under the Constitution.  Senator Franken voted against.  Senator Klobachar voted for.

220 years ago this week, the United States passed the “Bill of Rights”, the first 10 amendments to the constitution that guaranteed the rights of citizens to have free speech and not be imprisoned without due process. Those rights are in jeopardy of being lost as congress considers the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which could allow military detention of US citizens without factual justification, due process or a trial.

People are speaking out against the NDAA and asking Minnesota Senators, Representatives and President Obama to stop it from becoming law. Thursday night at the Plymouth Congregational Church in Minneapolis Former FBI Agent Coleen Rowley and various groups including Women Against Military Madness talked about what the proposed law could do to cherished constitutional rights.

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