Video> OccupyMN Cleverly Defies Policy Aimed To Stifle It

OccupyMN organizers are working to get around a new Hennepin County policy aimed at pushing the group out of the plaza they have been occupying for more than a month. County Commissioners passed a new “procedure” to prevent “camping” on the plaza.

“We are not camping” reads the sign around the neck of of one of the organizers. “We are assembling peaceably to petition our Government for a redress of grievances. This is our permit”

So to challenge the county, a representational object looking like a tent, but not a tent was moved into The Plaza shortly after the vote. “They said we couldn’t put it on the ground so we just put chairs under it and bypassed their policy”, said one woman who helped bring in the tent. “We’re going to let the county take it down and look [ridiculous].”

Organizers said if the county removed it, additional objects were available to replace it. The new “procedure” goes into effect Monday. Organizers have scheduled a rally for 5pm on Monday and are asking people to bring sleeping bags and stay on the plaza in defiance of the County Commission vote.

Uploaded by  on Nov 13, 2011

Defend OccupyMN. Join the rally today—Monday, November 14th at 5:00 pm— on the People’s Plaza to defend OccupyMN.  Hennepin Country Commissioners have asked them to remove all signs and ordered them not sleep on the Plaza.
 (at the Hennepin Country Government Center in downtown Minneapolis.)

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