A message from Mothers for Peace in Iran to the United Nations!

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A message from Mothers for Peace in Iran to the United Nations!

Mothers for Peace in Iran — Message to the Secretary-General and the Security Council of the United Nations

Your Excellency Secretary General and Honourable Members of the Security Council at the United Nations,

These days we again hear the beating of drums for yet another war in our region, promoted by warmongers who allege the goal is to combat the “war on terror,” but whose framework is a new form of colonialism.

The Iranian people — in particular, Iranian mothers — have tasted the bitterness of war, its destruction and ruination, in all contexts of our economy and social life.

We “Mothers for Peace” openly and passionately proclaim that we still are mourning and filled with sorrow for the loved ones we lost during Iran-Iraq war. We are still attending to and nursing our disabled veterans from those eight years of war. Hence we strongly loathe any kind of violence and warfare, either by domestic rulers or forced by foreign powers.

We, Iranian mothers and women, therefore ask international institutions like the United Nations — that are grounded with responsibilities handed to them by the international community — to be a safeguard and protector of peace and security for all nations.

Do not allow the destiny of the faithful and dedicated people of Iran — particularly its youth — to become an instrument for warmongers to operate their plans. The Iranian nation has shown that, even in the darkest times of its long history, when the people are unsatisfied with their government, they take destiny in their own hands. If there is to be any change, it must come from within, implemented by the Iranian people. We condemn any foreign intervention of our beloved land; all militaristic activities against the Iranian nation should cease immediately.

Iranians, like all peoples, need peace and security to achieve democracy and the establishment of civil society. Economic sanctions and military threats toward Iran will have one result: institutions in power will increase their pressure on people inside of the country. The outcome of this pressure is the militarization of society by authorities.

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Hence, the only effect of this kind of isolation is the weakening of Iranian society and delaying our path toward democracy and the establishment of civil society. It is obvious that the only results of isolation and violence are, first, the destruction and waste of wealth and life of the Iranian nation, and, second, more instability in the region.

The only result of economic sanctions is that they deter Iranians from reaching democracy and preoccupy them with achieving basic daily needs. Meanwhile, the regime’s propaganda against international human rights organizations will have negative impact on the Iranian people.

Achieving human rights, civil rights, and democracy will happen with the support of and by security and unity among nations. The experiences of war during the last decade in Afghanistan and Iraq have proven the bitter truth that foreign intervention, forceful occupation, and the use and creation of animosity among authorities never leads to the democratic needs of a nation.

We “Mothers for Peace” expect the international community, the honourable members of the Security Council, and in particular your Excellency, the Secretary General of the United Nations, to encourage direct negotiations — without preconditions, based on mutual respect and norms in international relations — between Iran and those countries with which it has disputes. Without direct negotiations, warmongers will exploit the opportunity to create another war and violence in our region. So we strongly state to the international community the following points:

  1. Iranian Mothers for Peace expect the international community and international organizations to use all their legal, civil, and international powers to prevent hostilities by dominant governments toward the Iranian nation.

  2. Iranian Mothers for Peace expect you to take action based on your basic and important responsibility in the international arena; to stand in support of Iranians during this new wave of economic sanctions and threats of military intervention.

  3. We strongly condemn all national and international activities that seek to build hatred and violence inside Iran and among the international community.

The only victims of the promotion of violence are the Iranian people and our national interests.

Mothers for Peace
Tehran, Iran

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