Video> October2011 members get arrested at Senate Offices   Washington D.C. guardians of freedom get arrested at an End War Rally in the Senate building.  

Video Responses
Uploaded by  on Oct 10, 2011
OWS Important Public Service Announcement!
Anonymous…..Support all “Occupy Wall Street”,”End the Fed”,”Occupy DC” ,etc. protest groups…
The Ass Hat Alex Jones Channel included….
http:// (North Carolina) (North Carolina) (Chicago) (Kansas City) (Los Angeles) (UK)
http://OccupyMIA (Miami) (Minnesota) (New Orleans) (Philadelphia) (San Francisco State Univ.) (Saint Louis)
Paginas web de referencia:
More information about all other European marches to Brussels.
For Real Democracy Now!
* http//
Facebook page :​.php?eid=233854726654087
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