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Editorial note:  This video is an excellent example about how the media can be manipulated to promote one viewpoint or another.  All our electronic sources can easily be manipulated faked or edited for slant or downright lies, as this video shows.  Not only the manipulation of videos, but the use of Twitter is especially sophisticated in this video as a source of media that has to be analyzed for reliable sources, whereas in Egypt, for example, there were trustworthy sources on the ground, such as Democracy Now‘s Egyptian reporter Sharif Abdel Kouddous, whose Tweets were picked up by the mainstream media.  Again, the importance of independent media! There were no such sources available to us from Libya.  Of note also is that FoxNews, who we would expect to be biased and unreliable or tell outright lies, is not the mainstream media source targeted for in this video.  What sources can we trust?  Is our mainstream media too trusting of unknown sources?  This video should be looked at in the context also of Chris Hedges article, “The Death of Journalism,” posted by WAMMToday from Reader Supported News.   

Watch this video released [in March] about the manipulated social media orchestrated to sway the public on Libya. I [person who originally posted this video] have been tracking this arrogant display of ignorace for weeks now, as fake accounts, fake (created) footage, and even videos from the police perspective, all with the goal of portraying a false story to get Ameicans on board with the killing machine.

This might be a surprise to you, if you live in the West, but the media is lying to us about Libya. The entire “civil war” was manufactured by a CIA EU UN psyop intervention into a young student movement. Gaddafi is not their president, he is the inspiration of Libya (and much of the arab world). The traditional people of Libya LOVE him. It’s the New Thought community, that craves western culture, music, movies, and progressive ideals, that is fighting against Gaddafi, and the UN jumped in to empower that movement.

Gaddafi asked for a fact finding mission weeks ago, but he was denied. Since the media is controlled in the West, they are portraying a FALSE message to the American people.

I [person who originally posted this video] did not make this video, but my evidence matches this video exactly. Thank you http://www.youtube.com/user/myopiaa for pointing out how sick CNN is for speeding up their footage and making the people look like raving idiots while they cover up the chanting against them. CNN lies. (Fox lies), Al Jazerra lies, and they are making up the news instead of broadcasting it. Wake up people, they are owned by the elites, so why would they broadcast the truth. Read between the lines and save humanity!!

What has happened with the West’s intervention is shameful! It is wrong to go into their country and wage war based on lies. It is wrong to make up news to get people to support murder. It is wrong to lie and say you are helping them when you will never leave after you get there. people wake up. They are lying to you about Libya.

Reptilian Shapeshifting News Reporter Interviews Gaddafi (Un-Edited)-Read Description :


Please watch this: http://youtube.com/watch?v=G7DDhAP-hyE The TRUTH ABOUT GADDAFI, before it is off youtube.

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