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Women in Occupy Denver> Waging Nonviolence

Women in Occupy Denverby Chad Kautzer | November 29, 2011, 12:52 pm  Waging Nonviolence    Photo: Tanner Spendley.Occupy Denver (OD) has been a tenacious occupation—and some say the angriest—fighting on despite external pressures and internal strains along the fault lines of oppression and privilege. The following is mostly about the latter, particularly the role and projects of women More

Occupy’s Woman Problem

Occupy’s Woman Problem November 22, 2011 By Tina Dupuy     Atlantic via  LA Progressive Elise Whitaker (Photo: Robert Stuart Lowden) “I’m called ‘that white bitch who gets everything she wants’ at the GA’s,” says Elise Whitaker, 21, adopting a bit of a defiant posture. She’s been at Occupy LA since the second week of the encampment. A More

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