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The Women Fighting to Protect Yemen

“A missile blew out the house while my parents were inside and I was out. i ran to the house and saw my parents burn in front of my eyes. .. It’s hard to see your parents burn to death in front of you.”

Why Fight? African Feminists Emphasize Key to Global Peace

Peace is quintessentially a woman’s issue, most clearly when the continuum of male violence against women in its private, social and structural dimensions is grasped.

Samer Muscati: South Sudan’s War on Women

From the article: “If you run they will kill you, so you just close your eyes so you don’t see the rapes.”

Bina Shah: Women’s Bodies Were the Ultimate Battleground of War-Torn 2014

“When there is conflict in unstable nations, the tide comes in with the strength of a tsunami to drown out the precious advances women have made there.” By Bina Shah  Huffington Post  December 18, 2014 When we speak of international women’s rights, it’s tempting to think of them as a destination — a large, glittering city […]

Mary Beaudoin: Women and the Environmental Cost of War

We need to harness the real power of women everywhere and demand an end to these insane wars that are destroying humanity and the planet … Mary Beaudoin: Speech at “We Know Who is Responsible” contingent of “People’s Climate Convergence March” September 21, 2014 These wonderful women spoke for Honduran rights. Some of the most […]

Ann Wright> The Compassion of Women of Afghanistan for the Women of Gaza

The Compassion of Women of Afghanistan for the Women of Gaza By Ann Wright (about the author) OpEdNews Op Eds 12/15/2012 opednews.com Last week I was in Gaza, just days after the eight-day Israeli attack on Gaza that killed over 180 Palestinians and subsequent rockets from Gaza that killed six Israelis. This week I have been in Afghanistan […]


 “HONOUR CRIMES” IN SYRIA “It is the issue of “honour” which makes sexual violence such a useful act, particularly in the context of war. It is used to humiliate and to destroy communities by turning those communities against themselves because honour has been violated. This culture of honour is one of the cornerstones in patriarchal […]

Polly Mann invites you to WAMM’s 30th Anniversary Party

July 2012 As part of the celebration of Three Decades of Daring Deeds, we are featuring interviews with WAMM members who have been with the organization from its beginnings. When Polly Mann moved from Marshall, Minnesota to Minneapolis, she had already been coming to the Twin Cities to protest against the Vietnam War. She had […]

More Daring Deeds! WAMM’s Sarah Martin

July 2012 As part of the celebration of Three Decades of Daring Deeds, long-time members of WAMM are being interviewed ab0ut WAMM’s beginnings. Sarah Martin joined WAMM in 1983. Her first action was a day-long session about opposing nuclear weapons and empowerment. As an action that day, balloons with messages were released into the air. […]

Coleen Rowley> Militarization of the Mothers: You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby, from Mother’s Day for Peace

Militarization of the Mothers: You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby, from Mother’s Day for Peace Coleen Rowley    Posted: 05/14/2012 12:55 pm   Huffington Post  (Author’s note: Perhaps it’s a good thing I was obviously too late in submitting this to run on Mother’s Day so as not to cast a pall over the sentimental […]

When Women Make Peace> PBS Series Women, War and Peace

When Women Make Peace Dana Goldstein   October 17, 2011 – 1:31pm ET   The Nation Watch Pray the Devil Back to Hell  on PBS. See more from Women War and Peace. Are women inherently more peaceful than men? And are women’s interests always united when it comes to debates over war and peace? These are just some of […]

Women War & Peace, coming up on PBS

Women War & Peace, coming up on PBS From Veterans for Peace Chapter 27 Twin Cities area, Minnesota <vfpchapter27@gmail.com> http://www.pbs.org/wnet/women-war-and-peace/ PBS is having a 5 part series on Women War & Peace, women’s strategic role in conflict & peace building-from Columbia to Bosnia, Afghanistan to Liberia.  I wonder what they will say about the US!!!! […]

Why Women Need to Be Part of the Peace Process (in Afghanistan and elsewhere)

Why Women Need to Be Part of the Peace Process by Theresa de Langis   Originally published on Tuesday, July 5, 2011 by Waging Nonviolence.  From CommonDreams.org What is wrong with this picture? After all, it looks like a typical photo of world leaders making decisions for their countries. That is precisely the problem. What’s wrong is the […]

Colombia: Women in the Crossfire

Colombia: Women in the Crossfire June 14, 2011 By Diane Lefer  LAProgressive Colombian Conflict: Three Young Women in the Crossfire “When I was three years old, the army bombed my village,” the girl told me. She was sixteen, which meant the bombing happened in 1998. “You’re from Santo Domingo?” I had protested that very bombing in demonstrations […]

Tearing Off the Masks of Those Who Hide behind Women’s Skirts: Malalai Joya

Tearing Off the Maks of Those Who Hide behind Women’s Skirts: Malalai Joya by Mary Beaudoin From the May issue of the WAMM Newsletter.  Used with permission. From the sky, Occupation forces are bombing, killing civilians—mostly women and children. On the ground, Taliban and warlords together continue their fascism. If the U.S. and NATO left my […]

Women Irate at Remarks by President of Yemen

from The New York Times . . . thousands of women in this staunchly conservative country made Mr. Saleh an object of public derision. Women demonstrated in Sana, Yemen, on Saturday, demanding the resignation of President Ali Abdullah Saleh.  Gamal Noman/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images By LAURA KASINOF Published:April 16, 2011 in The New York […]

Colombia: Women Treated as Spoils of War in Colombia

Women Treated as Spoils of War in Colombia Date: April 12, 2011 Colombian NGOs have condemned the “high level” of violence against black, indigenous and poor women in a country where the female body has become a “battleground”, W Radio reported Friday. This was the message from the first presentation of the Support and Defense […]