What Is This “New Russian Space Threat”? by Joel Weisberg

Exaggerating and hyping a “new” Russian threat revives Cold War fears, moves us further away from negotiation and cooperation, and provides the rationale that we’ve seen countless times before to increase military spending. This article examines if, and how seriously we need to take media reports. Image: 1957, Russian satirical magazine Krokofdil More

Making a Killing: Weapons of War, by Brian Chval

The return on jobs is paltry at best, while sectors that create far more jobs relative to the money spent, such as education, green energy, health care, and infrastructure – sectors that could actually serve to create a better future – are grossly underfunded.

WAMM Newsletter: Stop the Genocide! Free Palestine!

Stop the Genocide! Free Palestine! Women Against Military Madness  Vol. 41 No. 5  Winter 2023 This is the cry heard around the world in response to massacre in Gaza and killing throughout Palestine/Israel. People everywhere have poured into the streets, outraged to know a defenseless population is trapped under bombing, invasion, and siege. War More

Europe on the Verge of War, by Michael Livingston

Russian President Putin suspended the last nuclear arms control treaty with the U.S., the New START (Strategic Nuclear Arms Reduction) Treaty. In his state of the nation address, Putin likened the demands made on Russia to “a kind of theater of the absurd” because the U.S./NATO demanded to inspect Russia’s nuclear facilities but refused to More

The Explosive Military Budget, by Jay Kvale

In 2011 Obama approved the $1 trillion nuclear modernization. This [modernization plan] is now approaching a cost of $2 trillion (over a 30-year period).  Some of the costly items include 12 new Trident subs at $10 billion each, 100 new B-21 bombers at $560 million each, and 400 new Sentinel Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs) at $100 billion that replace the 50-year-old Minuteman missiles.

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