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Amy Goodman Interviews Alice Walker

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oz-hnyVRvpM&w=560&h=315] Published on Sep 28, 2012 by democracynow DemocracyNow.org - With less than 40 days to go before the 2012 presidential election, poet and activist Alice Walker reads her new poem, "Democratic Womanism," and discusses her thoughts on President Obama's legacy, including his use of drone strikes. "You ask me why I smile when you tell me More

Alice Walker> Democratic Womanism

Democratic Womanism: By Alice Walker January 2, 2012 - from her official website: http://alicewalkersgarden.com/2012/01/ Wangari Maathai: who remembered the beautiful bountifulness of her land before the colonial invaders laid waste to it and resolved to bring it back to health by planting trees.  Rest in Well Done; beloved sister of our clan. “Traditionally capable, as in: More

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