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Alexis Madrigal Who Do You Trust Less: The NSA or Anonymous?

Who Do You Trust Less: The NSA or Anonymous? By Alexis Madrigal   February 21, 2012   The Atlantic Intelligence officials seem to be polishing up their case to take on Anonymous like a ‘stateless’ terrorist group. The director of the National Security Agency, Gen. Keith Alexander, told various high-level audiences that the loosely affiliated group, More

Video> =Occupy Louder=- Another World is Possible! We are Unstoppable! This is why.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Auu4akyyedw&w=560&h=315] Uploaded by LilKing420s on Nov 27, 2011 Occupy is 4 months in, with the exception of a handful of incidents by trouble makers and provocatuers, the occupy demonstrations continue the nonviolent expression of our malcontent. We will not stop. This is why we will win!  The problem isn't the one persons fault or another... the true More

Video: Anonymous: Occupy The Planet

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ccazpyz0RyQ&w=560&h=315] This video does not include the occupation of Freedom Plaza in Washington D.C. on October 6, 2011.   A separate but related nonviolent action.  Activists from Veterans for Peace and many other environmental and antiwar organizations around the country will be at Freedom Plaza onOctober 6th and onward. October2011.org !!!OCCUPY YOUR CITY!!! Find Your More

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