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Mainstream Media Assaults on Freedom of Speech. “The Truth” is No Longer “Important”

Attempts at limiting freedom of expression continue apace, while attacks on alternative media outlets by institutions of power grow.

Demonization of Russia in a New Cold War Era, by Mairead Maquire

The demonization of Russia is, I believe, one of the most dangerous things that is happening in our world today.

How the Empire Gets Away With Expanding (Some Observations)

Americans who dissent – that is, who are opposed to war – are branded supporters of the targeted government’s legitimate leadership.

This Is What War Propaganda Looks Like in the Age of Social Media, by Caitlin Johnstone

This is what war propaganda looks like in the era of social media. It will never look ugly. It will never directly show you its real intentions. If it did, it wouldn’t work.

Trotskyist Delusions: Obsessed with Stalin, They See Betrayed Revolutions Everywhere by Diana Johnstone

The trouble with some Trotskyists is they’re always “supporting” other peoples’ revolutions, says Diana Johnstone. Their obsession with permanent revolution in the end provides an alibi for permanent war.

John Pilger | Provoking Nuclear War by Media

This [war propaganda] was the model for Washington’s subsequent invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and, by stealth, Syria. All qualify as “paramount crimes” under the Nuremberg standard; all depended on media propaganda.

Evergreene Digest: Why Are We Paying the NFL to Help the Pentagon Recruit Troops?

Zirin: We know that the US Department of Defense doled out $5.4 million from 2011 to 2014 to fourteen NFL teams to stage these warm-hearted “Salute the Troops” events, as well as do product placement, advertising, and “casual” (otherwise known as “subliminal”) mentions.

David Swanson> NBC’s Celebrity Warriors: “They barely survived the first week!”

NBC’s Celebrity Warriors: “They barely survived the first week!” By David Swanson (about the author)   August 13, 2012 opednews.com Editor’s Note:  Of the many forms of Military Madness, this TV program is craziest, most blatant, and absurd in the annals of a long, long list! War is not a game. War is not fun! If you sat […]

Nygaard Notes> Voter Suppression and War Propaganda

Nygaard Notes Independent Periodic News and Analysis Number 504, March 23, 2012 On the Web at http://www.nygaardnotes.org/ This Week: Voter Suppression and War Propaganda  “Quote” of the Week    The U.S. and Afghanistan: “Trust Has Eroded”  Anonymous + Classified = Propaganda      This Ad Brought to You by The Pentagon  Voter Suppression Resources: Education and Action Greetings, This […]

David Swanson> Why Not Attack Iran?

Why Not Attack Iran? By: David Swanson    Thursday January 5, 2012 11:57 pm Fire Dog Lake The push to attack Iran has been on for so long that entire categories of arguments for it (such as that the Iranians are fueling the Iraqi resistance) have come and gone. At DontAttackIran.org we’ve been collecting the arguments for and against […]