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The Oligarchs’ ‘Guaranteed Basic Income’ Scam by Chris Hedges

[The oligarchs] seek… a mechanism to continue to exploit desperate workers earning subsistence wages and whom they can hire and fire at will.

Huge Organizing Effort, ’40 Days of Action’ Launching to Fight Poverty

Fifty years later, a new Poor People’s Campaign connects religious faith to social justice.

Tomgram: William Astore, “Hi, I’m Uncle Sam and I’m a War-oholic”

Astore: When you define something as war, it dictates the use of the military (or militarized police forces, prisons, and other forms of coercion) as the primary instruments of policy. Violence becomes the means of decision, total victory the goal. Anyone who suggests otherwise is labeled a dreamer, an appeaser, or even a traitor.

Video> Occupy Chicago NATO Week of Actions Preview & The faces of the anti-NATO protests

The faces of the anti-NATO protests BY KIM JANSSEN   May 11, 2012    Chicago Sun Times   Jimmy Johnson of Chicago Indymedia spoke at a press conference with speakers from every major NATO action and event. | Rich Hein~Sun-Times View Gallery Updated: May 11, 2012 7:34PM They claim to represent “the 99 percent” of the […]