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Evergreene Digest: Emergency demonstrations nationwide: No New U.S. War on Iraq!

Actions at the White House in D.C., in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Albuquerque, Sacramento and many more cities on June 20 and 21! We in the anti-war movement fought too long and too hard to prevent and end that illegal and unjust war. We cannot sit by idly today when the Pentagon may be about […]

Steve Clemens> Return to Iraq

Steve Clemens has returned to Iraq. The last time he visited was 10 years ago.  Here are his experiences and impressions. The links to Steve’s blog are below.  Rather than publish the articles, I have included links to his blog for the four he has written so far.  Photos are included in these articles on Mennonista. […]

Tom Engelhardt> Washington’s Militarized Mindset

Tom Engelhardt> Washington’s Militarized Mindset The Military Solution> The Lessons Washington Can’t Draw From the Failure of the Military Option  By Tom Engelhardt    July 5, 2012    Tom Dispatch Americans may feel more distant from war than at any time since World War II began.  Certainly, a smaller percentage of us — less than 1% — serves […]

Tomgram, Tom Engelhardt> Juan Cole, The Iran Conundrum

Tomgram, Tom Engelhardt>  Juan Cole, The Iran Conundrum Posted by Juan Cole  April 12, 2012    TomDispatch Juan Cole’s article, “Why Washington’s Iran Policy Could Lead to Global Disaster: What History Should Teach Us About Blockading Iran” is posted separately on WAMMToday. Negotiators for Iran, the U.S., Britain, China, France, Russia, and Germany are to meet in […]

Peter Van Buren> Left Behind: What We Lost in Iraq and Washington, 2009-2012

Left Behind: What We Lost in Iraq and Washington, 2009-2012 09 April 2012    Peter Van Buren    TomDispatch via Truthout People ask the question in various ways, sometimes hesitantly, often via a long digression, but my answer is always the same: no regrets. In some 24 years of government service, I experienced my share of […]

Glenn Greenwald> Tongue-cutting at Al Jazeera

Tongue-cutting at Al Jazeera BY GLENN GREENWALD   March 31, 2012   Salon.com John Podhoretz  (updated below [Sun.]) I’m currently conducting interviews as a follow-up to the rather acrimonious debate that erupted this week from my argument that “terrorism expertise” is not an actual discipline, but rather (like the term “terrorism” itself) just another instrument for legitimizing the violence […]

Andrew Bacevich> Scoring the Global War on Terror> From Liberation to Assassination in Three Quick Rounds

Scoring the Global War on Terror From Liberation to Assassination in Three Quick Rounds A war that once occupied center stage in national politics has now slipped to the periphery, with legal and moral questions raised by the war left dangling in midair. Andrew Bacevich      February 19, 2012    TomDispatch.com With the United […]