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Tomgram: Engelhardt, Lessons from Lost Wars in 2012

Tomgram: Engelhardt, Lessons from Lost Wars in 2012 Posted by Tom Engelhardt at 9:10am, January 3, 2012. [Note for TomDispatch Readers:  We’re back, ready to do our best to keep up with what’s certain to be a tumultuous 2012, starting with an assessment of America’s lost wars in the Greater Middle East.  By the way, I made an […]

A Historic Opportunity to Cut Military Spending

JFP 8/5: Panetta: Cut Social Security and Medicare, not the military SUBMITTED BY ROBERT NAIMAN ON 5 AUGUST 2011 – 8:03PM Just Foreign Policy News  August 5, 2011 I) Actions and Featured Articles A Historic Opportunity to Cut Military Spending The agreement in Washington to raise the debt ceiling in exchange for deficit reduction has […]

Two-Faced Washington: Tomgram: Lowering America’s War Ceiling? Imperial Phychosis on Display

Tomgram: Engelhardt, Two-Faced Washington Posted by Tom Engelhardt at 9:00am, August 2, 2011.    TomDispatch.com Lowering America’s War Ceiling? Imperial Psychosis on Display  By Tom Engelhardt By now, it seems as if everybody and his brother has joined the debt-ceiling imbroglio in Washington, perhaps the strangest homespun drama of our time.  It’s as if Washington’s leading political players, aided […]

Seeing ‘Islamic Terror’ in Norway: Learning no lessons from Oklahoma City mistakes

Seeing ‘Islamic Terror’ in Norway Learning no lessons from Oklahoma City mistakes 7/25/11   FAIR.org  Media Advisory Right-wing terror suspect Anders Behring Breivik reportedly killed 76 people in Norway . . . , by all accounts driven by far-right anti-immigrant politics and fervent Islamophobia. But many early media accounts assumed that the perpetrator of the […]

Obama’s Secret Wars: How Our Shady Counter-Terrorism Policies Are More Dangerous Than Terrorism

Obama’s Secret Wars: How Our Shady Counter-Terrorism Policies Are More Dangerous Than Terrorism Obama should be held accountable for vastly expanding the military establishment’s worldwide license to kill. By Fred Branfman   July 11, 2011  |        Alternet.org Although President’s Obama’s partial Afghan troop withdrawal announcement has received more attention, his June 29 “National Strategy for Counterterrorism” is of […]

Video: “Sometimes we may hurt like the Afghan dove”

Uploaded by ourjourneytosmile on Jul 4, 2011 Dear friends in an antagonistic world, In the face of a broken Afghan dove, what can the people ask for? In the face of possible ‘doom’, what can we ask for? Y Not listen? Y Not Converse? Have conversations between the People and world leaders become so impossible in these ‘democratic’ […]

Klobuchar Peace Rally Draws Optimism for Rallying

Minneapolis, MN, June 30, 2011. A group of dedicated peace activists rallied in front of Senator Amy Klobuchar’s office to plead for the Senator’s help in voting down war appropriations and in bringing all troops home now from Afghanistan and Iraq. “The economy is in the can, US out of Afghanistan” said one protester. Another […]

Media’s selective memory: Defining ‘Withdrawal’ from Afghanistan

Media Advisory Defining ‘Withdrawal’ from Afghanistan Media’s selective memory on Obama escalations 6/23/11 Barack Obama’s June 22 announcement of a phased troop withdrawal from Afghanistan was often portrayed as a major step towards ending the war, with many outlets neglecting to accurately explain the pace of escalation that has happened under his watch. When Obama […]

Anne Winkler-Morey: On “Humanitarian” Military Intervention

On “Humanitarian” Military Intervention by Anne Winkler-Morey     WAMM Newsletter June 2011 Based on a speech given May 4, 2011, at a forum sponsored by May Day Bookstore at the University of Minnesota. Elites who benefit from war don’t fight them, and those men and women who do, would never pick up a gun to protect […]

Are We Giant Suckers? While the US Blows Money on the Military, Europe Spends Dough on Social Programs

Are We Giant Suckers? While the US Blows Money on the Military, Europe Spends Dough on Social Programs Hawks simultaneously argue that lavish U.S. military spending subsidizes Europe’s social welfare programs, and that we’re the smarter party in this deal. AlterNet / By Joshua Holland    June 17, 2011  |   Last week, during his final European visit before retiring, […]

Senator Tester: End Outdated Military Spending, Not Medicare

End Outdated Military Spending, Not Medicare By Senator Jon Tester, Reader Supported News 22 May 11  Today, the same politicians in the House of Representatives who claimed that tax cuts for the wealthy would “pay for themselves” are insisting we take them seriously as they try to balance the budget. Their plan? To end Medicare […]

Who will protect us from our government?

The USA PATRIOT Act is moving through the House and Senate and must be acted on before May 27, 2011.  H.R. 1805 (Conyers) and S. 193 and S.290 (Leahy) are in committee.  These bills would renew the Patriot Act until December 31, 2013. Called the USA PATRIOT Act Sunset Extension Act of 2011, the act would […]

The Afghan War: a waste of lives, time, and money?

Osama bin Laden:  Cold War Veteran The following is an excerpt from an article for The Guardian  in Britain By Mark Weisbrot.  May 3, 2011 The full article is available on The Guardian’s website. The “war on terror” was made to order for the post-cold war era, and enthusiasts such as then Vice President Dick […]

The Sacred Cow on Tax Day

How is the War Economy Working for You? A WAMMToday Editorial Comment What no one bothers to mention in all this going after the corporations who have not paid their taxes is that the weapons’ manufacturers have profited greatly from the wars.  (Although GE is also a weapons’ manufacturer, but I see no mention of […]

Media focus on tiny Tea Party rally, ignore antiwar march

Stop Blacking Out Progressive Protests Media focus on tiny Tea Party rally, ignore antiwar march Reported by FAIR:  Fairness and Accuracy in Media     Fair.org A sparsely attended Tea Party rally in Washington, D.C., on March 31 in support of federal spending cuts received generous media attention. One report (Slate, 3/31/11) suggested there was “at […]

It’s time: A reflection on war, family and action

It’s time: A reflection on war, family and action The story of Lisa Gray and Corporal Andrew Wilfahrt BY LISA GRAY April 04, 2011            Twin City Daily Planet  tcdailyplanet.net Reposted with permission from the author. The headline in The Washington Post from March 2nd, 2011 read,“Lt. Gen. John Kelly, who lost his […]

Obama lies about Libya

The following article will be published in the April editions of Southside Pride. Obama lies about Libya By Ed Felien Barack Obama tried to explain the U. S. war against Libya on Monday, March 28, and he said a number of things that simply are not true. He said, “Gaddafi had lost the confidence of his people.”  Compared […]

Troops Home Now March 19

Bring the Troops Home! March 19

Polly at State Capitol: Human Services or War?

Polly Mann visited the Minnesota State Capitol on Disability Day to explore the cost of continuous war spending vs human services. In the last 10 years Minnesotans have paid over $30 billion to fund the  wars. Had that been directed to human needs we wouldn’t be facing a $6 billion deficit, we’d have  a surplus.