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The ‘Private Governments’ That Subjugate U.S. Workers, by Chris Hedges

American workers have never achieved the array of rights won by workers in other industrialized countries.

The Left’s Embrace of Amazon’s Corporatism Proves Haunting Power of Two-Party Paradigm

Bezos is currently worth around 120.5 billion dollars. If he took a tiny pay cut and knocked his net worth down to a measly 120 billion, none of his workers would need to be on welfare.

Project Censored | The Top Censored Stories of 2015-2016

#1 U.S. empire and military madness

Cartoon: Making A Point

(Click to enlarge) dailykos.com   June 18, 2014 Relevant article showing photos of the London spikes here. Apparently the number of homeless there is increasing: Katharine Sacks-Jones, head of policy and campaigns at Crisis, said: “This is happening in a context where rough sleeping has gone up massively. Over the last three years rough sleeping has risen […]

[Video] Malvina Reynolds: It Isn’t Nice

In honor of the 26 people arrested Black Friday during the “March to end Poverty Wages”  in St. Paul, Minnesota It isn’t nice to block the doorway, It isn’t nice to go to jail, There are nicer ways to do it, But the nice ways always fail. It isn’t nice, it isn’t nice, You told us […]