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Voters Are Finally Starting to Notice the Trump Administration’s Botched Response to the Pandemic

“President” Trump and the Corona Virus Voters Are Finally Starting to Notice the Trump Administration’s Botched Response to the Pandemic MOTHER JONES  April 4, 2020 As the country was gripped by the coronavirus pandemic in March, President Donald Trump saw some of the best approval numbers of his presidency. Multiple polls showed that a small […]

WATCH THE REPLAY: WikiLeaks Editor Kristinn Hrafnsson, Michael Isikoff, Pepe Escobar, As’ad AbuKhalil on CN Live!

WikiLeaks editor-in-chief Kristinn Hrafnsson, journalists Michael Isikoff and Pepe Escobar, political scientist As’ad AbuKhalil and author George Szamuely on Episode 2 of CNLive!  Hrafnsson joined CNLive! to speak on the latest about imprisoned WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange, including CNN’s recent hit piece; Isikoff discussed his Yahoo! Newsseries on Seth Rich; Escobar gave keen insights into the major scandal engulfing Brazil as well […]

Graduates of Elite Universities Dominate The New York Times and Wall Street Journal Study Finds, by Zaid Jilani

The researchers were hesitant to comment on what the findings of their study mean for the way journalism is produced. But the homogeneity of perspectives and experiences in a newsroom can have the effect of limiting a newsroom’s scope of reporting…

Edward S. Herman: Master of Dissent (1925–2017)

Ed was the main author of “Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media,” written with Noam Chomsky

Chelsea Manning Is Free–but Whistleblowers Still Face Prison

As FAIR analyst Adam Johnson (1/18/17) noted, it’s a strange day when the US president is to the left of the country’s editorial pages.

Five Top Papers Run 18 Opinion Pieces Praising Syria Strikes–Zero Are Critical

No need to debate the morality or utility of the strikes, because the scene played out per usual

Bruce Gagnon: Militarization of America— We’ve Become a Failed State

Gagnon: The German playwright and poet Bertolt Brecht spoke about the ‘liberals’ in his country collapsing during the rise of Hitler and Nazism. They meekly surrendered and betrayed the public trust. In the US most liberals still believe that they are just one election away from turning things around.

Chris Marsden: Evidence of Israeli war crimes mounts as Gaza cease-fire continues

Israel’s truce with Hamas held for a second day Friday, as talks continued between the government of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and all three main Palestinian factions—including Fatah and Islamic Jihad. By Chris Marsden  wsws.org  16 August 2014 The talks, mediated by Egypt, have produced statements from all three Palestinian groups claiming that a breakthrough […]

William Blum on Edward Snowden

…I must make it clear that I have great admiration for the young Mr. Snowden, for what he did and for how he expresses himself. He may not be a radical, but he is a hero. His moral courage, nerve, composure, and technical genius are magnificent. The Anti-Empire Report #129 By William Blum   WilliamBlum.org […]

William Boardman> You Think the Wall Street Journal has No Sense of Humor? Think Again.

Justin Carter met the american police state in Texas, then he was tortured. William Boardman  Sunday 14 July 2013  Nation of Change.org On the Fourth of July – Independence Day – The Journal ran a freedom-oriented story with a headline that began: “Teen Jailed for Facebook Posting….”  In Texas last winter, a working 18-year-old was […]

Greenwald, Snowden, the NSA, Security & Freedom, Free Press & Journalism

The Personal Side of Taking on the NSA By Glenn Greenwald  27 June 13 , Anow, Guardian UK via Reader Supported News When I made the choice to report aggressively on top-secret NSA programs, I knew that I would inevitably be the target of all sorts of personal attacks and smears. You don’t challenge the […]

Obama’s Drone Dilemma The killings probably aren’t legal—not that they’ll stop.

Obama’s Drone Dilemma The killings probably aren’t legal—not that they’ll stop. It is curious that there is not a global outcry about the illegality of the wars in Pakistan or Libya, as there was about the illegality of the recent war in Iraq . . . By Eric Posner|Posted Monday, Oct. 8, 2012  Slate.com Pakistani security […]

Alexis Madrigal Who Do You Trust Less: The NSA or Anonymous?

Who Do You Trust Less: The NSA or Anonymous? By Alexis Madrigal   February 21, 2012   The Atlantic Intelligence officials seem to be polishing up their case to take on Anonymous like a ‘stateless’ terrorist group. The director of the National Security Agency, Gen. Keith Alexander, told various high-level audiences that the loosely affiliated group, […]

Video> Glenn Greenwald> Family Guy summarizes American Neocon Foreign Policy

Glenn Greenwald> This nicely summarizes the state of American neocon foreign policy discourse at the moment: I actually consider the discussion there mildly more elevated and sober than that Wall Street Journal Op-Ed from the NYPD official today warning of an Iranian attack on New York City. Join Us!  Subscribe to WAMMToday from our blog website and “Follow” […]

FAIR Blog» Iran> This Is What Propaganda Looks Like

Iran: This Is What Propaganda Looks Like 02/01/2012 by Peter Hart    FAIR Alarmist corporate media coverage of the “threat” from Iran is everywhere, thanks to a Senate appearance yesterday by Director of National Intelligence James Clapper. But Clapper said very little in his remarks that would justify the propagandistic coverage we’re seeing.  His main […]

No Free Speech at Mr. Jefferson’s Library> George Orwell, Philip K. Dick, and Ray Bradbury Would Have Recognized Morris Davis’s Problem

No Free Speech at Mr. Jefferson’s Library George Orwell, Philip K. Dick, and Ray Bradbury Would Have Recognized Morris Davis’s Problem Peter Van Buren  November 27, 2011   Tom Dispatch Here’s the First Amendment, in full: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of […]

Drones on Trial: 38 Protesters Face Charges for Disrupting Syracuse Base Used in Overseas Attacks> Democracy Now

Drones on Trial: 38 Protesters Face Charges for Disrupting Syracuse Base Used in Overseas Attacks Democracy Now   November 4, 2011  Includes video. The Wall Street Journal is reporting the CIA has made a series of secret concessions in its drone campaign after military and diplomatic officials complained large strikes were damaging the fragile U.S. relationship […]