Anti-Fascism and Revolution

The network of fascists that adopted national liberation as a guiding principle then began to infiltrate leftist networks and commit terrorist attacks against innocent civilians across Europe.

Groups Fault Boston Police For Surveillance

Groups Fault Boston Police For Surveillance By Monica Brady-Myerov October 18, 2012    90.9wbur Boston's NPR Station BOSTON — The Boston chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union is asking the Boston Police Department to stop monitoring peaceful demonstrations, interrogating activists and categorizing peaceful groups as extremists. After reviewing hundreds of public police records the ACLU and the National More

The Elusive Declaration of Peace

 The Elusive Declaration of Peace    Ken Butigan     Friday 9 December 2011    Nation of Change “Except for the occasional newsflash about sporadic violence—and the recent spate of stories about the sheer tonnage of materiel that the US is shipping stateside as it readies its departure—we don’t hear much about Iraq these days.” More

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