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UN votes to outlaw nuclear weapons in 2017

Nuclear weapons remain the only weapons of mass destruction not yet outlawed in a comprehensive and universal manner…

VIDEO: Palestinian Flag Is Raised at United Nations Headquarters

The Palestinian flag was raised at the United Nations headquarters in New York on Wednesday for the first time. In this video from The Guardian, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says the move signals to the international community that “Palestinian statehood is achievable.”   The Guardian video can be viewed https://embed.theguardian.com/embed/video/world/video/2015/sep/30/palestinian-flag-raised-united-nations-headquarters-video” target=”_blank”>here. In June, the Vatican […]

Rwanda and the New Scramble for Africa: From Tragedy to Useful Imperial Fiction

Philpot shows that U.S. and Western intervention  in Rwanda was crucial both in preparing the ground for the 1994 bloodbath  and in the failure to stop it after it was well underway.    Review by Edward S. Herman  January 2014   Z Magazine     By Robin Philpot  Baraka Books (MontrealCA), 273 pp Robin Philpot’s important new […]

UN and World Leaders: ‘Surveillance hampers freedoms’

World leaders express concern about reports of mass surveillance by the US     BY AYEE MACARAIG  ASIA PACIFIC 10/23/2013 7:26 AM  | UPDATED 10/23/2013 8:43 AM  Rappler.com ‘ALARMING CHALLENGES.’ World leaders express concern about reports of mass surveillance by the US at the opening of the Internet Governance Forum in Bali, Indonesia. Photo by Ayee Macaraig/Rappler […]

Kathy Kelly> From Afghanistan, thank you Bradley Manning! & An appeal from Afghanistan to whistle-blow on war

Here are two items from the Afghan Peace Volunteers in Kabul.  Access to internet is sporadic there, so I wanted to send these items out on their behalf.    —Kathy Kathy Kelly   June 18, 2013  From Dr. Hakim and the Afghan Peace Volunteers Recognition that 95 million human beings were killed in World War […]

Taking notes 17: The good intentions that pave the road to war

“The obsession with ‘genocide’ as the primary humanitarian issue in the world today relativizes war. It reverses the final judgment of the Nuremberg Trials that: ‘War is essentially an evil thing.’” by Diana Johnstone  April 2, 2013  PhilosophyforChange.org Opposing genocide has become a sort of cottage industry in the United States. Everywhere, “genocide studies” are cropping […]


 “HONOUR CRIMES” IN SYRIA “It is the issue of “honour” which makes sexual violence such a useful act, particularly in the context of war. It is used to humiliate and to destroy communities by turning those communities against themselves because honour has been violated. This culture of honour is one of the cornerstones in patriarchal […]

Video> Damascus finds armed groups responsible for Houla massacre, US does not believe> with Sara Flounders

Damascus finds armed groups responsible for Houla massacre, US does not believe> with Sara Flounders Published: 31 May, 2012   Edited: 01 June, 2012   RT A handout picture released by the Syrian opposition’s Shaam News Network shows people watching the mass burial on May 26, 2012 of more than 100 victims killed in the central Syrian city […]

RT: Interview with WAMM member Lisa Albrecht re Palestinian statehood

‘US shouldn’t be part of talks over Palestine’s statehood’ Published: 24 September, 2011    RT.com Click here for video:  ‘US shouldn’t be part of talks over Palestine’s statehood’ — RT   rt.com  Mahmud Abbas and Barack Obama (AFP Photo / Mandel Ngan) Lisa Albrecht, associate professor at the University of Minnesota with extensive experience of working with […]

Video: “Sometimes we may hurt like the Afghan dove”

Uploaded by ourjourneytosmile on Jul 4, 2011 Dear friends in an antagonistic world, In the face of a broken Afghan dove, what can the people ask for? In the face of possible ‘doom’, what can we ask for? Y Not listen? Y Not Converse? Have conversations between the People and world leaders become so impossible in these ‘democratic’ […]