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UN votes to outlaw nuclear weapons in 2017

Nuclear weapons remain the only weapons of mass destruction not yet outlawed in a comprehensive and universal manner…

EFF: UN Human Rights Report and the Turning Tide Against Mass Spying

This report turns the tide in the privacy debate at the United Nations and opens the door for more substantive scrutiny of states’ surveillance practices and their compliance with international human rights law.    BY PARKER HIGGINS AND KATITZA RODRIGUEZ  EFF.org  July 16, 2014 The UN High Commissioner on Human Rights has released an excellent report today on the […]

Giuliano Battiston> Peace in Afghanistan, the Civil Society Way

Peace in Afghanistan, the Civil Society Way KABUL – More than a decade after the fall of the Taliban, Afghanistan is still in the midst of an irregular war. Talking peace is difficult because no one quite knows who to talk to. by Giuliano Battiston  Published on Friday, September 7, 2012 by Inter Press Service via Common […]