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Brian Becker> Understanding the new stage of the Syria Crisis

By Brian Becker, National Coordinator, ANSWER Coalition September 10, 2013 Has the United States stepped back from the edge of the precipice?  Has the catastrophe been averted? The U.S. war threat against Syria has not ended. But the particular path to war has required a shift because of resounding domestic and global opposition. The U.S. Congress will […]

On United States Intervention in Syria: Remember a Few Things

As an outsider, I cannot pretend to know what the answer is to resolving this conflict, providing justice to those who have been harmed, or building a stable and inclusive Syria for all its inhabitants.  I am not sure that anyone knows. The Arab and Muslim states and various militias are divided by their specific interests. […]

Gen. Dempsey: Syria No-Fly Zone an ‘Act of War,’ Would Cost Billions

Move Would Cost $1 Billion Per Month by Jason Ditz  July 22, 2013  antiwar.com In a letter to Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Sen. Carl Levin (D – MI), Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey warned that establishing a no-fly zone would be an “act of war” and would cost an average of $1 billion […]

Mary Beaudoin> Syria: the Mediterranean Piece

What’s left out when the U.S. talks about Syria is that it is in a key position for exporting natural gas. Adding weapons to the region makes it explosive. by Mary Beaudoin   July 2013  Women Against Military Madness Newsletter We know that the Syrian people have suffered terribly from the violence that has erupted. […]

Land Destroyer Report> Two on Syria

US Prepares For Direct Intervention in Syria by Tony Cartalucci    Posted on July 22, 2012 Land Destroyer Report As FSA proxies fail and psychological operations falter, US prepares more direct (and desperate) approach for long-sought regime change. July 22, 2012 – As it becomes increasingly clear that last week’s “surge” by NATO-backed so-called “Free Syrian Army” terrorists […]

No US intervention in Syria> Statement by The Middle East Committee of Women Against Military Madness

No US intervention in Syria> Statement by The Middle East Committee of Women Against Military Madness There is a clear danger of yet another war in the Middle East. The United States is turning its attention to Syria, with the intention of engineering regime change in its favor. The Middle East Committee of Women Against Military […]