▶ Bill Moyers: Joseph E. Stiglitz Calls for Fair Taxes for All

“I think we can use our tax system to create a better society, to be an expression of our true values,” Stiglitz says. “But if people don’t think that their tax system is fair, they’re not going to want to contribute. It’s going to be difficult to get them to pay. And, unfortunately, right now, our tax system is neither fair nor efficient.”

Paul Street: Beyond the Deep State

 Who is the biggest player of all? Capital. “It is not too much,” Lofgren writes, “to say that Wall Street may be the ultimate owner of the Deep State and its strategies . . . By Paul Street  Cyrano's Journal Today  Republished from Z Magazine May 16, 2014 According to a recent much-discussed online essay by the former long-time top More

OccupyMpls Journal> Terry Burke and Polly Kellogg

November 17, 2011 Suzan and I leafletted Nicollet with a Xerox of the front page of the WAMM newsletter, the article about the prison industrial complex. (We added the note that the article was continued on worldwidewamm.org).  The highest percentage of people ever took the flyer — a lot of the corporate types were inside — people More

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