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Two Human Rights Groups Target U.S. Drone Policy as Illegal

Like Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch called on the U.S. to offer more transparency and accountability into the drone strikes program, and open itself to investigations of possible violations of international law. Posted by Scott Martelle  Oct 22, 2013  truthdig.com Two notable human rights advocacy groups Tuesday took aim at the United States’ highly controversial—and possibly illegal—use of drones […]

Counterspin Radio> Pardiss Kebriaei on Terror Speech, Bob McChesney on Digital Disconnect

Link: http://www.fair.org/audio/counterspin/CounterSpin053113.mp3 or  Download MP3 This week on CounterSpin: Did Barack Obama’s National Defense University speech signal a sea change in White House terrorism policy? That depended on who was doing the listening. For most corporate media, Obama made a sharp turn, speaking of more limited drone killing policies, and discussing the closure of the Guantanamo detention camp. […]

Watch: Yemeni Activist Tells Senators that Drone Strike on His Village ‘Empowers Militants’

Farea Al-Muslimi describes the “psychological fear and terror” imposed on drone strike victims. AlterNet / By Steven Hsieh April 24, 2013 During a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on drones yesterday, a Yemeni activist and writer testified about the “human costs and consequences of targeted killing by the United States in Yemen.” Farea Al-Muslimi described how his home village […]

Coleen Rowley on Drones> NYT Letter to the Editor, with additional comments

Coleen Rowley on Drones> NYT Letter to the Editor, with additional comments From Coleen: [November 30, 2012] the NY Times published my letter criticizing Obama’s reliance on lethal drones!  As luck would have it, my letter was published just under one on the same topic by Suzanne Nossel, the director of Amnesty International.  Nossel’s focused […]