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Nick Theis: Does Your University Have a Military Industrial (In)security Complex?

 Military recruiting is at the root of this university, and is the root of its relationship to the military. The same act that allowed the U of M[innesota] to establish itself as a so-called “land-grant university,” the 1862 Morrill Act, also laid the groundwork for what was to later become the Reserve Officer Training Corps […]

Video> ‘Star Dreamer’ filmmaker Sheldon Wolfchild> Dakota perspective on pre-war events

‘Star Dreamer’ filmmaker Sheldon Wolfchild: Dakota perspective on pre-war events By Steve Date | 08/17/12   minnpost This is the first of several video reports offering perspectives of the events of 1862 in Minnesota, and the aftermath of the U.S.-Dakota War. MinnPost photo by Steve Date/Medicine Bottle photo courtesy of the Minnesota Historical Society.  Documentarian Sheldon P. Wolfchild, […]