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CCR Calls on Manning Court-Martial Judge to Uphold Right to Open Trial

CCR Calls on Manning Court-Martial Judge to Uphold Right to Open Trial Common Dreams    March 22, 2012 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  March 22, 2012 CONTACT: Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR)   Jen Nessel, CCR, (212) 614-6480   press@ccrjustice.org David Lerner, Riptide Communications, (212) 260-5000   david@riptidecommunications.com Press and Public Must be Given Immediate Access to Documents and Information Filed […]

Carol Masters> A Common Thread

A Common Thread By Carol Masters   WAMM Newsletter    February 2012 But until the occcupation of Wall Street, we had not yet been able to define ourselves as belonging to a collective group with shared interests; shared interests that cross religious, ethnic, and political lines. The proverbial cat was out of the bag, and […]

Rob Kall> Is The USA The Only Nation in the World With Corporate Personhood?

Is The USA The Only Nation in the World With Corporate Personhood? By Rob Kall   Posted: 02/ 8/2012    Huffington Post It’s not surprising to learn that no nation on earth enshrines in its constitution the right of corporate personhood. Mila Versteeg, associate law professor at the University of Virginia, is probably the only […]

Lawrence Davidson> How Propaganda Targets Iran

How Propaganda Targets Iran America’s Founders saw press freedom as a key check on government dishonesty, but today’s media has become a powerful ally of official lies by funneling sophisticated propaganda especially in support of war, as Lawrence Davidson notes about the hysteria over Iran. By Lawrence Davidson    January 6, 2012 consortiumnews.com  Winston Churchill once said, “No one pretends that democracy is […]

Glenn Greenwald> The evil of indefinite detention and those wanting to de-prioritize it

The evil of indefinite detention and those wanting to de-prioritize it BY GLENN GREENWALD    SUNDAY, JAN 8, 2012 5:18 AM CST    salon.com (updated below – Update II – Update III [Mon.]) This Wednesday will mark the ten-year anniversary of the opening of the Guantanamo prison camp. In The New York Times, one of the camp’s former prisoners, Lakhdar […]

Paul Zeitz> Introducing the Justice Party

A Message From Paul Zeitz: Introducing the Justice Party December 10, 2011, 12 am    Revised: December 13, 2011, 11 pm Paul Zeitz Note: Please find the updated Prospectus and Action Plan here. Introducing the Justice Party  7 December It is my great honor as a Co-Founder and acting Chair of the Justice Party National Committee […]

Poster> No Human Being . . .

David Swanson> Set Your Doomsday Clock to 11:51

Set Your Doomsday Clock to 11:51 David Swanson (about the author)  Dec. 16, 2011   opednews.com The National Defense Authorization Act is not a leap from democracy to tyranny, but it is another major step on a steady and accelerating decade-long march toward a police state. The doomsday clock of our republic just got noticeably closer to […]

Poster> NOT UP TO YOU . . . Sincerely, The People United

Interdependence Day

Interdependence Day “Interdependence Day,” an annual declaration of our interdependent world. This short film, crowd-sourced on YouTube, creatively re-imagines the Declaration of Independence for a smaller, more connected planet. Presented by: connectedthefilm WAMMToday is now on Facebook! Check the WAMMToday page for posts from this blog and more! “Like” our page today. You may also subscribe […]