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Chris Hedges | Marx: The System is the Problem

The end of capitalism? Marx’s analysis and the current economy.

VIDEO | Michael Hudson and Bill Black: A Greek Bailout Is Really a Bailout of Western Banks

U.S. political economists Michael Hudson and Bill Black tell The Real News Network that western financial institutions are keen to bail out Greece because if they didn’t, Greece’s existing creditors—other western financial institutions—would fail to recover money they previously lent to Greece.  ◊ truthdig.com  realnewsnetwork.com  July 1, 2015  ◊  The experts say the ongoing bailout […]

Bill Moyers: Occupy a Cause

Bill Moyers: Occupy a Cause Bill Moyers on Occupy Wall Street from BillMoyers.com onVimeo. Saturday 14 January 2012   truthout Video by: Bill Moyers, Moyers & Co.  Click here to see the Video  (Image: Moyers & Co.) What’s the common cause behind Occupy protesters? The Moyers & Company team visited the Occupy Wall Street site several times between […]