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Did the Left Betray Israel and Zionism? Robert Sheer Interviews Susie Linfield

RS: The governments that all attacked Israel [in the Six-Day War}…they all made peace with Israel. The only people that didn’t make peace were the Palestinians, and the Palestinians were actually occupied by these Arab governments.

▶ Noam Chomsky: All Are Trapped By An Institutional Logic That Is Deeply Pathological and That Must Be Cured and Quickly If We Are Not To Put An End To The Human Race

Commentary covers a range of topics from Israel/Palestine to climate change to health care and more… Noam Chomsky with David Barsimian, Conversation, 18 March 2015 https://youtu.be/yIsKwjVuOr4 Noam Chomsky with David Barsamian, Preview, 18 March 2015 Dandelion Salad with Noam Chomsky  Lannan Foundation   March 19, 2015 Subscribe or “Follow” us on RiseUpTimes.org. Rise Up Times is also on Facebook! Check the Rise […]

Günter Grass> Shall I compare thee to a nuclear power

Günter Grass> Shall I compare thee to a nuclear power My poem is at least as crummy as Günter Grass’s. But it will be harder for Israel to declare me a persona non grata because I’m Jewish. Apr 11th 2012, 18:55 by M.S. Democracy in America   American politics   The Economist  GÜNTER GRASS wrote a poem restating the widely […]