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The Media War on Truthful Reporting and Legitimate Opinions: A Documentary

Those working in the media are up in arms over alleged fake news and they lament the loss of paying readership. But they have only themselves to blame. They are the biggest creators of fake news and provider of government falsehood. Their attacks on critical readers and commentators are despicable.

Steven Harper | The Trump Resistance Plan: Step One

TRP Strategy #1: Disconnect from Trump
TRP Strategy #2: Seek the Truth
TRP Strategy #3: Fight Back

Glenn Greenwald: A Crucial Realization About Journalism is Learned by Being its Subject

Greenwald: For the past decade, I’ve been writing critically about the American media, usually with a focus on the specific policy and legal topics I know best. So like most politically engaged people, I’ve long been rationally aware of how frequently deceitful and inaccurate claims are passed off by the most respected media outlets as fact, using highly authoritative tones.

Truthdig: Why Twitter’s Lawsuit Could Make or Break Transparency

Twitter’s recent battle to be able to release a more specific transparency report isn’t just a PR move, Cardozo contends. “I think the six tech companies that sued in the FISA court last year and then rolled over and agreed to the Justice Department’s guidance—I think that was PR. Those companies—Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple—declared victory […]

de Boer, The Dish: Where Online Social Liberalism Lost The Script

“Suppose you’re a young college student inclined towards liberal or left-wing ideas. And suppose, like a lot of such college students, you enjoy Stephen Colbert and find him a political inspiration. Now imagine that, during the #CancelColbert fiasco, you defended Colbert on Twitter. If your defense was noticed by the people who police that forum, […]

Bruce Dixon: Top 10 Reasons Why Corporate Social Media is Not Your Friend, and Dark Social Media Is

With a billion users, Facebook is far and away the largest player in the world of corporate social media, so all these criticisms apply to Facebook.  But many also apply to Twitter, Pinterest and their little brothers as well.  Bruce A. Dixon  BAR.com   June 17, 2014 by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon For […]

Upworthy: How the Media Failed Women in 2013

Published on Dec 3, 2013   Upworthy.com    There was a lot to celebrate this year for women in the media. But some things aren’t changing fast enough… Join the campaign: http://bit.ly/ChangeMedia  Miss Representation Subscribe or “Follow” us on Rise Up Times.wordpress.com. Rise Up Times is also on FACEBOOK! Check the Rise Up Times page for posts from this blog […]

Glenn Greenwald: Edward Snowden Confirmed WikiLeaks Statement Was Written By Him

 “In the end the Obama administration is not afraid of whistleblowers like me, Bradley Manning or Thomas Drake,” the letter read. “We are stateless, imprisoned, or powerless. No, the Obama administration is afraid of you. It is afraid of an informed, angry public demanding the constitutional government it was promised — and it should be.” […]

Greenwald, Snowden, the NSA, Security & Freedom, Free Press & Journalism

The Personal Side of Taking on the NSA By Glenn Greenwald  27 June 13 , Anow, Guardian UK via Reader Supported News When I made the choice to report aggressively on top-secret NSA programs, I knew that I would inevitably be the target of all sorts of personal attacks and smears. You don’t challenge the […]

Parts I & II> Icelandic Lawmaker Birgitta Jónsdóttir on Challenging Gov’t Secrecy from Twitter to Bradley Manning – YouTube

Birgitta Jónsdóttir has also been the center of a closely watched legal case. Earlier this year, a federal appeals court ruled the government can continue to keep secret its efforts to obtain information from Twitter about her and two others connected to WikiLeaks. April 8, 2013  DemocracyNow.org Icelandic Parliamentarian Birgitta Jónsdóttir played a critical role […]

Anonymous Declares War on WikiLeaks After Syria Files’ Row

Anonymous Declares War on WikiLeaks After Syria Files’ Row By GIANLUCA MEZZOFIORE July 13, 2012 2:37 PM GMT   International Business Times Anonymous declares war to WikiLeaks (Anonops/WikiLeaks) The Anonymous hacking collective has declared war on whistleblowing website WikiLeaks following a furious Twitter row over the disclosure of two million e-mails from Syrian political figures, ministries […]

Journalistic “Objectivity” Sours Wall Street Reporting

Police carry away a protester, one of scores who have been forcefully arrested at the non-violent Occupy Wall Street protest, 09/24/11. (photo: Tina Fineberg/AP) Journalistic “Objectivity” Sours Wall Street Reporting By Michael Tracey   26 September 11     ReaderSupportedNews.org Brian Stelter and the pathology of objectivity. Last night, the New York Times’ Brian Stelter tweeted about the Occupy Wall Street protests, which […]

Who do you believe? Video: Media manipulation and Libya

Editorial note:  This video is an excellent example about how the media can be manipulated to promote one viewpoint or another.  All our electronic sources can easily be manipulated faked or edited for slant or downright lies, as this video shows.  Not only the manipulation of videos, but the use of Twitter is especially sophisticated […]