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Hedges: The Empire Does Not Forgive

“The cynicism of arming and funding the mujahedeen against the Soviets exposes the lie of America’s humanitarian concerns in Afghanistan.”

The Case Against Daniel Ortega, by Chuck Kaufman

First and foremost, we all know that Daniel is a dictator, right? We know it because corporate and progressive press alike can’t say his name without the modifier, dictator. So what are the criteria to be a dictator?

Ed Felien: Straight Talk About Crimea

Was the referendum on Crimea’s independence legitimate? Does Catalonia have a right to secede from Spain? Scotland from Britain? Texas from Mexico? By Ed Felien | The Rag Blog | March 17, 2014 Posted on March 17, 2014 by Thorne Dreyer Crimea is a dangling appendix to the Ukraine. It is connected by a narrow patch of land barely 10 miles […]