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John Knefel> Media Bored With Occupy—and Inequality

Bored With Occupy—and Inequality Class issues fade along with protest coverage By John Knefel    Extra! May 2012    FAIR Occupy Wall Street is rightly credited with helping to shift the economic debate in America from a fixation on deficits to issues of income inequality, corporate greed and the centralization of wealth among the richest 1 percent. The movement […]

Tomgram> Engelhardt, Restless Planet> The Four Occupations of Planet Earth> How the Occupied Became the Occupiers

Tomgram: Engelhardt, Restless Planet The Four Occupations of Planet Earth How the Occupied Became the Occupiers Tom Engelhardt December 18, 2011   TomDispatch On the streets of Moscow in the tens of thousands, the protesters chanted: “We exist!”  Taking into account the comments of statesmen, scientists, politicians, military officials, bankers, artists, all the important and attended to […]

Letter to a Dead Man About the Occupation of Hope> Rebecca Solnit

Letter to a Dead Man About the Occupation of Hope Posted by Rebecca Solnit at 10:13am, October 18, 2011.   TomDispatch Dear young man who died on the fourth day of this turbulent 2011, dear Mohammed Bouazizi, I want to write you about an astonishing year — with three months yet to run. I want to tell you about […]