Horror Beyond Description: Noam Chomsky on the Latest Phase of the War on Terror

Chomsky: One informative discussion, in Business Week (Feb. 12, 1949), recognized that social spending could have the same "pump-priming" effect as military spending, but pointed out that for businessmen, "there's a tremendous social and economic difference between welfare pump-priming and military pump-priming." The latter "doesn't really alter the structure of the economy." For the businessman, it's just another order. But welfare and public works spending "does alter the economy. It makes new channels of its own. It creates new institutions. It redistributes income." And we can add more. Military spending scarcely involves the public, but social spending does, and has a democratizing effect.

▶ Bruce Gagnon: Creating False Pretext for War on Syria

Standby NATO: Turkey plots justification to Syria strike  By Bruce K. Gagnon  Organizing Notes  March 29, 2014 The Turkish government is red-faced after a leak on YouTube revealed a daring plot to justify invading neighboring Syria. [youtube=http://youtu.be/LVuwJnTNCn4] An anonymous source posted audio of a secret meeting between top Turkish officials - discussing a false flag More

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