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John Feffer | Mouths Wide Shut: Obama’s War on Whistleblowers

Feffer: in basement offices in Washington, DC, secure locations in northern Virginia, and listening posts in suburban Maryland, the high priests and priestesses of a secretive cult are quietly toasting the president for a very different legacy: his fierce defense of a lawless and destructive fraternity that has only grown more powerful on his watch.

VIDEO: The Edward Snowden Interview the U.S. Media Didn’t Want You to Watch

“The public had a right to know about these programs. The public had a right to know that which the government is doing in its name, and that which the government is doing against the public.”  —Edward Snowden Posted by Natasha Hakimi Zapata  truthdig.com  May 5, 2015 It’s gone largely unnoticed that the first interview More

Julian Assange: How “The Guardian” Milked Edward Snowden’s Story

Assange: The most disappointing thing of all about The Snowden Files is that it is exploitative. It should not have existed at all. We all understand the pressures facing print journalism and the need to diversify revenue in order to cross-subsidize investigative journalism. But investigative journalism involves being able to develop relationships of trust with your sources.

▶ Wired, Scott Dadich: Call Me Ed — A Day With Edward Snowden

SNOWDEN HELD THE FLAG IN HIS HANDS AND DELICATELY UNFOLDED IT. YOU COULD SEE THE GEARS TURNING. Watch the video by clicking here. BY SCOTT DADICH   Wired.com   8.13.14 I was in a Russian hotel room, waiting for the biggest photo shoot of my life. My suite's blackout curtains were drawn, the better to conceal the More

Luke Harding: How Edward Snowden went from loyal NSA contractor to whistleblower

He was politically conservative, a gun owner, a geek – and the man behind the biggest intelligence leak in history. In this exclusive extract from his new book, Luke Harding looks at Edward Snowden's journey from patriot to America's most wanted: The Snowden Files: The Inside Story of the World's Most Wanted Man Luke Harding  The Guardian, Friday More

New York Times Editorial: Edward Snowden, Whistle-Blower

Seven months ago, the world began to learn the vast scope of the National Security Agency’s reach into the lives of hundreds of millions of people in the United States and around the globe, as it collects information about their phone calls, their email messages, their friends and contacts, how they spend their days and where they More

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