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▶ Palestine Supporters Confront Sen Franken In Tense Phone Call

A video of the full conversation with Senator Al Franken and antiwar activists is included below. [youtube=http://youtu.be/0SX1d_1Vr_A] By  BILL SOREM  The Uptake  August 1, 2014     Palestine supporters in Minnesota got to directly vent their anger at Sen. Al Franken over his support for Israel in its conflict with Palestine. The Palestine supporters were part of a More

Saving the Democratic Internet> Timothy Karr

Saving the Democratic Internet Timothy Karr  Posted: 11/9/11 07:03 AM ET     Huffington Post Opponents of the open Internet like to portray its guiding rule, Net Neutrality, as “a government takeover of the Internet.” They argue that from the day of its inception the Internet has existed free of regulation — a perfect expression More

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