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Managing Dissent in Chicago

Managing Dissent in Chicago As the G8/NATO summits approach, activists protest restrictive new rules–and prepare for the spotlight. BY JEREMY GANTZ     February 14, 2012     In These Times Police officers wear riot gear during a demonstration at the G8 summit held in Brunswick, Ga., in 2004. (Joe Raedle/Getty Images) The U.S. Constitution guarantees freedom More

Breaking anger, from Oakland to Tottenham, by Jesse Strauss, Al Jazeera

Breaking anger, from Oakland to Tottenham California activists worry UK police will import heavily armed enforcement tactics that violate the right to dissent. Jesse Strauss Last Modified: 05 Sep 2011 13:26  Al Jazeera Parallels between UK and California unrest worry activists that police will share ‘illegal and militaristic’ tactics to respond to urban unrest [Jesse Strauss/Al Jazeera] British More

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