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Steve Fraser: Looking Backward to the Future

Fraser: Many blame the media, which are intertwined with the power blocs of politics and business (an increasingly concentrated planetary business) and which do now and then function as propaganda machine and censor. But most of the time the media operate more insidiously than that, narrowly circumscribing what is allowable and thereby what is verboten in public debate, what is legitimate and what is outré, what is to be taken seriously and what is to be coolly dismissed. They invoke the sounds of silence without gagging anyone.

Nick Theis: Does Your University Have a Military Industrial (In)security Complex?

 Military recruiting is at the root of this university, and is the root of its relationship to the military. The same act that allowed the U of M[innesota] to establish itself as a so-called “land-grant university,” the 1862 Morrill Act, also laid the groundwork for what was to later become the Reserve Officer Training Corps […]