Allen Clifton: Dish Network Exposes Fox News as Nothing More than a Conservative Entertainment Channel

 Yes, Dish Network replaced the supposedly “fair and balanced” Fox News with the channel founded by radical right-wing conspiracy pushing propagandist Glenn Beck.  By Allen Clifton  January 3, 2015 By now many people have heard about Dish Network dropping Fox News (at least temporarily) from its broadcasts over a contract dispute. While contract disputes between networks More

Thom Hartmann: Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

By Thom Hartmann (about the author)  OpEdNews Op Eds 6/5/2014  Cross-posted from Thom Hartmann Program The Rise of Right Wing Hate (image by YouTube) The "vast right-wing conspiracy" machine is alive and well in America today. Unless you've been buried under a rock since this weekend, you've probably seen an interview or two with a former Army soldier who served with More

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