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Andrew Bacevich | Tom Dispatch: How to Create a National Insecurity State

Bacevich: Once widely known as the Global War on Terror, or GWOT, it has been transformed into the War with No Name. A little bit like the famous Supreme Court opinion on pornography: we can’t define it, we just know it when we see it, with ISIS the latest manifestation to capture Washington’s attention.

Clifford A. Kiracofe> The U.S.A.: Fascism Past and Present

The U.S.A.: Fascism Past and Present by Clifford A. Kiracofe, Jr. This presentation appears in the July 7, 2006 issue of Executive Intelligence Review. Here is the prepared address by Dr. Clifford A. Kiracofe, Jr. to an EIR-sponsored seminar in Berlin, Germany on June 27, 2006. Kiracofe is a former senior professional staff member of the U.S. Senate Committee […]