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Researchers: Police likely provoke protestors — not the other way around

“We’re finding police have a lot of capacity to set a tone,” Adams said during a recent radio interview with Sacramento’s KFBK. “When police show up in riot gear you get a different kind of interaction than when they show up in their regular uniforms.”

▶ Legendary author Maya Angelou dies at age 86

STORY HIGHLIGHTS Maya Angelou had an illustrious career as a poet, singer, dancer and director She died at home in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, her literary agent said One of her most famous works was “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” By Todd Leopold, Ashley Fantz, Moni Basu and Faith Karimi, CNN updated 8:40 AM EDT, Thu May […]

Medea Benjamin> How You [and President Obama] Can Close Guantanamo Prison

 “Guantanamo has become a symbol around the world for an America that flouts the rule of law,” President Obama said. With the hunger strike reaching 150 days on  July 6 , the lives of these prisoners—along with our nation’s reputation, hangs in the balance. By Medea Benjamin (about the author)   7/2/2013    opednews.com July 1 marks the first […]

Coleen Rowley> Obama Should Veto Empire Over Republic

Obama Should Veto Empire Over Republic Coleen Rowley  Posted: 12/ 3/11  Huffington Post Tell your congresspersons and senators who passed the NDAA they should be ashamed and tell the president (also via Senator Mark Udall’s petition) he needs to keep his promise to veto this Act in order to save our Republic. The political, military industrial, corporate class in Washington DC continues to re-make our […]